A politician who cares – Subodh Haritwal is Raipur’s best bet?

A politician who cares – Subodh Haritwal is Raipur’s best bet?

India is known to be one of the largest countries of the world, with a varied population demographic spread across more than 138 crore citizens. It is no wonder that in a country like this, it is politics which plays a bigger role than what one would assume.

This is where Subodh Haritwal comes in. Subodh Haritwal was born on the 11th of November in the year 1986, and hails from the lovely city of Raipur. Having been born and brought up there, he has great pride in his hometown, which is perfect because this influential 36-year-old is one who holds a lot of desire to make a difference in the lives of those who reside there. Subodh Haritwal is at present, a Youth Leader working under Congress, the political party also known as the right wing. His hard work as a representative working in Raipur has also been awarded with the role of national spokesperson under the Youth Congress.

One of the major philosophies Subodh Haritwal practices in his life is to always keep on learning. He says that educating yourself, in any form or manner is a noble objective and not one that needs to be hidden from. When speaking about the policies taken by the central government in relation to the recent coronavirus crisis, Subodh Haritwal’s opinion on the matter as a whole, is one of disappointment and misgiving. According to him, the government could have done much better by first educating themselves about the desires and requirements of its people, instead of speaking in a rhetorical manner which did nothing more than to confuse the people of the nation. “After all, a good politician is someone who is also a good leader, and to be a good leader, it is my duty to know all that there is about those who look up to me. It is my duty to help myself help others, by keeping myself as well educated and unreserved about learning as possible.”, Subodh Haritwal further explains. The next question that arises is how does Subodh Haritwal keep himself updated with everything that is happening around him? Well, Subodh Haritwal is a big fan of entertainment, whether it be from reading books or traveling around town, and uses it not only as a form of relaxation, but also education.

It seems, with the future of the nation in safe hands of people such as Subodh Haritwal, there is the hope of great prosperity and welfare all around. It is not much longer before Subodh Haritwal achieves the first step in this goal, which is to become the MLA for his city of Raipur. You can support him, and ensure you’re electing someone who truly cares, in the upcoming 2023 elections.

Derek Robins

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