A brief explanation of Mr. Seyyed Mohammad Arshianfar’s priceless records

A brief explanation of Mr. Seyyed Mohammad Arshianfar’s priceless records

Seyyed Mohammad Arshianfar, born on 07/30/1976, is the founder of Arshian International Group, with over 26 years of experience in teaching and transforming people, families, organizations, education, and businesses. He owns one of the most influential academic groups in financial sensation and personal development on the web and social networks.

Mr. Arshianfar acknowledges that personal transformation means you are capable of altering yourself. Your adaptation can be observed via your manners and eventually result in remarkable consequences in your life. If this is the case, you will undergo a different feeling of gratification.

When you set your mind on achieving goals, the transformations gradually begin. One of the reasons that could eliminate your intellectual development is the tendency to convince yourself it will not work. In other words, you are seeking excuses to say to yourself, “I can’t get the things I desire,” repeatedly every day. You do not need anyone’s assistance to make a personal transformation and management as you can, with passion, persist in accomplishing the missions toward your transformation.

Moreover, the family transformation is defined as follows: a family cannot be considered a static social unit; in essence, it is a series of ongoing changes. Running people in and out of a family causes transformations. If we assume the evolution is ordinary due to human life, we better see the family as a flexible clan with serial instabilities and imbalance phases. Like all living organisms, a family tends to outlast, and the inevitable evolutions are sometimes to sustain survival and harmony. Families live with a particular rhythm, rate, qualities, events, connections, and incompatibilities, which should be considered in linking a reference or a framework to the family transformation. According to the stage of the family transformation, households have commitments and tasks. In addition, the traits of people and the difficulties in each step are different; Therefore, it is essential to detect and crack upcoming issues based on the family’s developmental phase.

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