94,000 Cars Have Been Recalled, Including Volkswagen, Mazda, Lamborghini, and Kia

94,000 Cars Have Been Recalled, Including Volkswagen, Mazda, Lamborghini, and Kia

During the past week, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has issued a number of recalls, including notifications for around 80,000 electric Volkswagen vehicles that are being recalled due to a crash danger.

Are you trying to find out if your car has been the subject of any recalls? You may use your vehicle identifying number, or VIN, to check for recalls on the NHTSA website.

This is all the information you require on the car recalls that the NHTSA announced between May 19 and May 25.

Overheated Battery Plug Recall for Kia

2,209 Niro EV models from 2022 are being recalled by Kia. The car maker stated in the NHTSA report that the safety plug for a high-voltage battery could melt from overheating. Fire or a reduction in drive power may result from this. A driver who loses power increases the chance of crashing, and a fire raises the chance of suffering injuries.

Owners of the impacted vehicles are being advised by the car maker not to charge their vehicles in a garage or any other covered structure until the recall repair is finished. Dealers will swap out the safety plug for free. Letters of recall notification are anticipated to be mailed on July 19. SC314 is Kia’s number for this recall.

Recalled Kia Vehicles:
  • 2022 Niro EV

Recall of Lamborghini Due to Hood Separation

2,133 Urus Performante and Urus S cars from the 2023–2024 model years are being recalled by Lamborghini. A separation or failure of the hood latch striker is possible. This may result in the opening or detachment of an unlatched hood while driving. When a car’s hood separates, it might hinder vision for the driver or create a hazard on the road, which raises the possibility of an accident.

Owners of the recalled cars can get an inspection, have the hood repaired, and have a striker support plate installed by going to their dealer. Every service will be rendered at no cost. On June 28, notification letters are anticipated to be sent. Owners can call 1-866-681-6276 to reach out to Lamborghini customer care. L636-R.02.24 is Lamborghini’s recall number.

Recalled Lamborghini Vehicles:
  • 2023-2024 Urus Performante and Urus S

Mazda Recall for Unintentional Brake Activation

Mazda is conducting a recall on 9,914 CX-90 models from 2024. Because the automated braking system will mistakenly detect objects while driving, the brake may suddenly engage. The chance of a collision can rise when a driver does not initiate a break.

Dealers will upgrade the vehicle’s control module at no cost in order to resolve this issue. Letters of recall notification are anticipated to be sent by July 17. Mazda owners can reach customer care by calling 1-800-222-5500. Choice 6. The recall number for Mazda is 6724E.

Recalled Mazada Vehicles:
  • 2024 CX-90

Volkswagen is Recalling Certain Models Due to Display Issues

A total of 79,953 Volkswagen ID.4 vehicles from 2021–2023 are being recalled. Software problems can result in the instrument panel and center displays not booting up or resetting. Drivers risk losing their rearview camera image and speedometer data as a result. Crash risk may rise if a driver’s display is unable to display the image from a rearview camera or the vehicle’s speed.

According to the NHTSA analysis, these cars don’t meet the criteria of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards 101, “Control and Displays,” and 111, “Rear Visibility.”

The car software will be updated at no cost to the dealers. On July 12, letters requesting recalls are anticipated to be sent. VW customer service can be reached by owners at 1-800-893-5298. The VW recall number is 919A.

Recalled Volkswagen Vehicles:
  • 2021-2023 ID.4

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