65 Surprisingly Motivational Chinasa Broxton Quotes (2021)

65 Surprisingly Motivational Chinasa Broxton Quotes (2021)

Chinasa Broxton, born Chinasa Broxton Okorocha, is an American rapper, actor, playwright and entrepreneurs from Austin, Texas. He was born on the 15th May, 1996, and at just 11 years old was performing musical theatre and choir concerts in front of hundreds in junior high school. Broxton is a member of the famous Texas hip-hop duo, Tribe Mafia. Tribe Mafia is most known for performing sold out shows during SXSW, ACL, Rolling Loud, Lollapalooza, Arist Audtion’s Tap2021 (series), and touring with Akon in Sao Paolo, Brazil.  

Chinasa Broxton’s networth is estimated to be $750 thousand dollars, and he is one of the most notable rappers in the Austin, Texas under the group name, Tribe Mafia.

We’ve put together this collection of the best Chinasa Broxton’s quotes:

1.     Hope you know the difference between me and them

2.     Your happiness should be your top priority.

3.     It’s a different type of feeling when you work hard for your shit.

4.     Cut them off the first time they cross you.

5.     There’s no coming back from certain shit and i don’t think people really understand that.

6.     I love that direct shit, tell me what you want.

7.     Can’t disrespect me then need me again.

8.     Watch how fast you grow once you cut off that negative energy.

9.     You are competing while i’m just tryna be a better me

10.  Y’all be thinking you’re not good enough, just to find out you better than most. 

11.  If you ever have to choose between me and another option, pick the other option i’m good.

12.  I’ll never understand how people can do you wrong then play victim.

13.  If you gave up on me while i was getting my shit together thank you.

14.  Stop bragging about shit that you’re supposed to be doing

15.  What y’all know about falling off and bouncing right back? God is good.

16.  Knowing the difference makes all the difference

17.  My circle definitely decreased in size but increased in value.

18.  I’ve been broke before, i’ll never laugh at a mf who trying.

19.  Let them gossip while you hustle.

20.  Let’s celebrate each other’s growth more.

21.  Keep winning in private, everyone don’t need to know how you coming

22.  People label themselves blessed only when money is involved. It’s deeper than that.

23.  Stop expecting loyalty from people who can’t even give you honesty.

24.  Some people talk about you because they lost the privilege to talk to you.

25.  You teach people how to treat you by what you allow

26.  You either jealous or broke if you got time to hate

27.  Give her reassurance with a lot of affection

28.  Money doesn’t impress genuine people

29.  Learn to be okay with people not knowing your side of the story. You have nothing to prove to anyone.

30.  Never run back to what broke you.

31.  Everybody who put me last gone feel me first.

32.  Don’t feel bad for outgrowing people who had the chance to grow with you.

33.  Forgiveness does not require reconnection.

34.  Real friends don’t care how often y’all talk because they’ll always be around.

35.  I don’t care who getting more money, streams, opportunity than me! As long as i’m getting mine.  I don’t compete, i eat! 

36.  The realest get treated the worst but we win in the end i promise you that

37.  I don’t care if it’s lonely at the top. It was lonely at the bottom

38.  Travel. Your money will return. Your time won’t. 

39.  You’re going to figure it out, just like you always have. 

40.  What if it does work out exactly how you imagined it or greater. Entertain that thought.

41.  Manifest quietly. Have you ever heard a tree grow?

42.  Don’t confuse my caring for being controlling.

43.  People who treat you good one day, then act like you don’t exist the next, avoid them.

44.  I appreciate the smallest things cause i’ve always been the giver

45.  You either build with a busy man or baby sit a broke one

46.  Having someone that can handle all your moods is a blessing

47.  When you have too much potential, people will fear it

48.  I’d rather be hard to deal with than easy to play with.

49.  Find a soul that doesn’t lose appreciation for you once they are used to you.

50.  It’s people out there bonding over not liking you.

51.  You have to be stronger than your situation.

52.  To all the doors that closed on me, i’m coming back to buy the building

53.  Be you, they’ll adjust

54.  Life is too short to let anger and negativity control you. Live it with passion, purpose and joy.

55.  If i say “first of all” run away because i have prepared research, data, charts and will destroy you.

56.  I might forgive you a thousand times but i’ll only trust you once

57.  Knowing how to communicate when you are upset is very important

58.  Just because you wanna see everybody eat, don’t make it your job to fix they plate. 

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