50W Two Port PD Charger from Samsung is Available for €69.90

50W Two Port PD Charger from Samsung is Available for €69.90

A brand-new two port USB C charging converter with a 50W maximum power output has been released by Samsung for the global market. Although it hasn’t been released by Samsung in China or Korea, this twin port charger will be sold in the US and Europe.

Samsung PD Dual 50W Power Adapter

The packaging for Samsung’s new “50W PD Duo” charging adaptor, which retails for €69.60 in Europe, includes a 5A USB C cable. This dual-port charger has a 50W maximum power output when one port is plugged in. It can also charge two devices at once, with a 25W maximum output from each port. Furthermore, the charger comes in only one color: black.

The new 50W twin port charging adapter with model number EP-T5020 is already listed on the Samsung US website, indicating that it will soon be available for purchase in Europe.

The launch of a 50W charging adapter by Samsung is notable, even with Samsung phones. This is intriguing because the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s fast charging capacity is limited to 45W. Nonetheless, a twin port USB C charging device will be quite helpful for those who need to use or charge multiple devices at once.

Sanchita Patil

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