5 Negative Consequences Of Summertime Cold Water Drinking

5 Negative Consequences Of Summertime Cold Water Drinking

Summertime Drinking of Cold Water Can Have Adverse Effects

People want for cooled beverages as a form of respite when summer heat kicks in. Although chilled water feels good, it might be bad for your health over time. Chilled water is not only popular but also potentially unhealthy, particularly in the midst of seasonal changes. Here are a few negative consequences of summertime cold water consumption.

1. Digestive Problems

After consuming cold or chilled water, your body finds it difficult to process the meal. Food digestion is hampered by cold water’s ability to contract the stomach. And an abrupt difference in temperature in the stomach damages the digestive tract and makes it difficult for the body to break down food.

2. Lowers the Heart Rate

Studies have indicated that the application of cold water can lower heart rate through activation of the vagus nerve, a vital component of the body’s neurological system. This neuron is activated by cold water, which slows heart rate.

3. Throat Ache

In the summer, drinking too much cold water can cause stuffiness in the nose and throat, which can hinder breathing. The accumulation of excess mucus in your respiratory system and congestion in your nose and throat might result from drinking cold water.

4. Sinus and Headache

Drinking cold water quickly induces brain freeze by lowering the temperature of the spinal nerves. The brain is impacted by rapid drops in temperature that cause headache and sinus issues. To prevent such circumstances and preserve general health, it’s critical to drink modest amounts of cold water.

5. Sensitivity of the Teeth

Because cold water affects dental nerves, it can increase tooth sensitivity. Pain or discomfort is brought on by temperature changes, particularly in those who have sensitive teeth or dental problems like cavities. It is suggested that you drink a reasonable amount of cold water and see a dentist if your sensitivity issues persist.

Sanchita Patil

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