5 fantastic meals to reduce period bloating

5 fantastic meals to reduce period bloating

Here is a list of natural remedies you can try in your home to relieve period bloating, ranging from ginger to ajwain.

Bloating, which may persist throughout your monthly cycle, is one of the most annoying PMS (premenstrual syndrome) symptoms. Women who are bloated during their periods could notice a minor swelling and tightness in their belly or other body areas. Additionally, it could cause a stomach pain and decreased appetite. Bloating during the period is frequently accompanied by additional symptoms, including cramps, mood swings, acne, headaches, and backaches.

Bloating can come from the body retaining water and salt as a result of changes in progesterone and oestrogen levels during periods. Bloating during your monthly cycle might be reduced with certain dietary and lifestyle adjustments.

“Bloating is a typical early menstrual symptom that many women encounter. The body retains more water and salt as a result of changes in progesterone and oestrogen levels. Water in the body causes the cells to swell, giving the appearance of bloating “In a recent Instagram post, dietician Lovneet Batra makes this claim.

To reduce period bloating, try these 5 meals that Batra suggests:


Ginger is one of the best foods for period bloating. Ginger has anti-inflammatory effects, which can soothe achy muscles.

Thymol, a compound in ajwain, which helps in secreting gastric juices and helping to alleviate gas, bloating and cramps

Fennel is a saviour for your digestive tract, as it contains a compound that relaxes passages in your gastrointestinal tract, allowing gas to pass and for bloating to subdue


Jaggery might help reduce bloating because of the presence of high potassium and low sodium content in it. This helps to maintain the acid balance in the body cells, thereby providing relief from bloating


Bananas are rich in B6 and in potassium, which prevents water-retention and bloating and relieves cramping. When consumed, potassium aids in helping the kidneys flush out sodium, and this results in lowering blood pressure and decreasing bloating.

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