3 Smart Tips To Consider When Designing A Loved Ones’ Memorial Plaque

3 Smart Tips To Consider When Designing A Loved Ones’ Memorial Plaque

Losing a loved one can be very painful. But there are plenty of tasks needed to be done to ensure that the dearly departed has a remarkable sendoff. Memorial plaques are one of the essential elements in every burial, which is why designing this special marker for your loved one can be a huge responsibility. 

There are plenty of things to consider when designing memorial plaques. Here are several tips to ensure that you can come up with a touching and fitting remembrance that can last a lifetime. 

What Are Memorial Plaques? 

Before you learn how to design a memorial plaque, you need to understand what it is. Plaques are plates made with heavy-duty materials like stone, ceramic, wood, or metal attached to a wall, tomb, or any surfaces to commemorate the life of an individual. 

Memorial plaques are specialized plaques made to honour the grave of the departed. It also serves as markers to help the bereaved remember where they put their loved ones to rest. 

Guide To Memorial Plaque Design

#1: Know How To Select The Size 

It is crucial to understand how to choose the dimensions of the plaque before you can come up with a design. You must gauge its thickness and weight so you can decide what to do with the plaque. 

If you want to keep it in the cemetery, you must ask the cemetery administrators if there are any guidelines or restrictions regarding the size of the plaque that you can place in the tomb of the departed. The size will also let you determine how much it will cost you. By considering the size, you will also know if you can make it a family plaque that you can update with more names in the future. 

#2: Decide Which Material To Use 

Most memorial plaques are displayed outdoors, which means you must ensure that they know how to withstand the elements. So if you want to have a plaque that can last for generations, you must consider looking for durable and lasting materials like copper and granite. 

It is also important to pick the right materials for the words, and images do not fade easily. You may choose to give the words engraved if you plan to use a darker stone to make the words stand out. If you choose a lighter shade of granite, you may have the words painted with a dark shade to make it stand out. 

#3: Think Of What Information To Inscribe 

You can write anything on your loved ones’ memorial plaque. But since the plaque is a permanent marker, you must carefully choose the words that have a heartfelt meaning for you and your family. 

You may choose to begin with the traditional phrase like “In memoriam” or “In the loving memory of.” You can write the deceased’s full name or nickname for a more informal design. Adding a short but meaningful message can make the memorial plaque more touching. If you want to remember your loved ones’ face, you can also have their photo inscribed on the plaque. 

Dedicating a special memorial plaque for a family or friend who passed away can be painful but necessary if you want to give the person a fitting goodbye. You only need to look for a design that would suit the personality of the person when he or she was still alive so you can have a touching remembrance of your beloved.  

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