240,000+ Mavericks are being Recalled by Ford due to Defective Tail Lights

240,000+ Mavericks are being Recalled by Ford due to Defective Tail Lights

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced that Ford is recalling over 240,000 cars because of tail lights that don’t stay on, which makes the car less visible to other drivers and raises the possibility of a collision.

The NHTSA reports that some 2022–2024 Maverick pickups are included in the recall. “Inadvertently deactivate one or both rear tail lights,” according to the agency, is a possibility with the Body Control Module (BCM).

NHTSA records state that the problem is caused by the BCM misdetecting a current overload on one or both of the circuits for the rear position lamps, which causes one or both of the lamps to be turned off during a driving cycle. The NHTSA states that the problem does not impact turn signal, stop lamp, or headlight functioning.

Free updates to the BCM software will be provided by dealers, and owner notification letters should start to arrive in the mail on May 20, 2024. Owners can reach out to Ford customer support by calling 1-866-436-7332; 24S24 is Ford’s recall number.

Additional Recent Ford Recalls: 

Battery Problems

Weeks prior, the manufacturer had recalled more than 450,000 cars due to a problem that might have affected the battery.

A few Bronco Sport and Maverick models from 2022–2024 and 2022–2023 were included in the recall. According to the NHTSA, there’s a chance that the body and power train control modules on these cars won’t recognize a shift in the battery’s level of charge. This may lead to a loss of drive power or the inability to activate electrical accessories like hazard lights, which would raise the chance of an accident.

Dealers will provide a free calibration for the body control module and power train control module, according to NHTSA notices. Ford customer support can be reached at 1-866-436-7332. Owner notification letters are anticipated to be delivered on May 13, 2024. 24S24 is the recall number.

Fuel Leak

Additionally, federal auto authorities recently declared that they will be looking into a Ford recall involving around 42,652 vehicles due to a fuel injector fracture that they claim can result in gas leaks and engine fires.

The NHTSA announced last month that it was launching an investigation into a recall involving 2022–2023 Bronco Sport and 2022 Escape vehicles in a summary report.

The federal probe release states that owners can get a drain tube fitted in their car for free at a Ford or Lincoln dealer.

According to the federal authority, part of the fix is a free upgrade to the engine control software that can identify a decline in fuel injection system pressure. If it happens, the excessive pressure will be turned off by the program.

As part of the fix, the federal authority stated, a free engine control software update is provided to identify a decline in fuel injection system pressure. In that case, the software will lower engine power, cut engine temperature, and disconnect the high pressure fuel pump. According to records, owners will also receive a “seek service” notice.

For this recall, Ford’s number is 24S16. This recall is an extension of 22V-859, the preceding recall.

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