10 Books and Authors To Know In 2024 | Around The Globe

10 Books and Authors To Know In 2024 | Around The Globe

From internationally acclaimed authors to emerging voices reshaping the literary landscape, these 10 writers are taking the world by storm in 2024. Today we will take you through their captivating narratives, thought-provoking poetry, and insightful takings as we explore the diverse talents shaping the literary scene around the globe. Don’t miss out on discovering the next big names in literature!

RUSKIN BOND – The Literary Luminary of India

Ruskin Bond, born on May 19, 1934, is an Indian author of British descent. His literary journey spans across novels, short stories, and essays, with a remarkable focus on children’s literature. Let’s dive into the fascinating world of this prolific writer:

1. The Room on the Roof: His debut novel, The Room on the Roof, published in 1956, garnered acclaim and even clinched the prestigious John Llewellyn Rhys Prize in 1957.

2. Diverse Works: Bond has authored over 500 short stories, essays, and novels, including an impressive collection of 69 books for children.

3. Awards and Honors:

    – Sahitya Akademi Award (1992) for Our Trees Still Grow in Dehra.

    – Padma Shri (1999) and Padma Bhushan (2014) for his significant contributions to literature.

4. Life Journey:

    – Born in Kasauli, Punjab States Agency, British India, Bond’s early years were marked by a unique upbringing. His father, Aubrey Alexander Bond, served as a tutor to the princes and princesses of the Jamnagar palace, where young Ruskin also studied.

    – After his father’s passing, he moved to Dehradun and later attended Bishop Cotton School in Shimla, where his literary talents blossomed.

    – His semi-autobiographical novel, The Room on the Roof, introduced readers to the orphaned Anglo-Indian boy named Rusty.

    – Bond’s life took him from the Channel Islands to London, where he penned his debut novel at the tender age of seventeen.

    – Today, he resides with his adopted family in the serene hills of Landour, Mussoorie, in the Indian state of Uttarakhand.

Ruskin Bond’s words continue to enchant readers, weaving tales that evoke nostalgia, celebrate nature, and capture the essence of India’s diverse landscapes.

ARAVIND ADIGA – Man Booker Prize Winner International Bestselling Author

Aravind Adiga is an Indian writer and journalist. His debut novel, The White Tiger, catapulted him into literary stardom when it clinched the 2008 Man Booker Prize.

The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga is a picaresque novel published in 2008. Balram Halwai, the protagonist, narrates his life in a letter addressed to the fictional Chinese Premier, Wen Jiabao. Born in rural India, Balram escapes a life of servitude to become a successful businessman. He describes himself as an entrepreneur. The novel provides a darkly humorous perspective on India’s class struggle in a globalized world. Balram’s journey exposes issues of religion, caste, loyalty, corruption, and poverty. As he drives for Ashok, the son of a wealthy landlord, Balram witnesses extensive corruption and stark contrasts between the poor and the wealthy. The novel captures the unspoken voice of people from the impoverished areas of rural India, without sentimentality.

The White Tiger made the New York Times bestseller list and won the Man Booker Prize. Adiga, at the age of 33, became the fourth debut writer to win the prestigious prize. His writing aims to highlight the brutal injustices faced by the colossal underclass in India. Aravind Adiga’s words resonate with readers, shedding light on the complexities of society, human aspirations, and the relentless pursuit of freedom.

MICHELLE AYON NAVAJAS – International Literary Sensation Who Captivates Readers Worldwide with Her Poetry, Fiction, and Unstoppable Talent!

Michelle Ayon Navajas is a Best-Selling international Poet known for her books reaching the #1 spot within days of their release. Her 8th poetry book, “I Am In Itself Poetry In The Dark,” went straight to the top of both the best-sellers list and new releases on Amazon on short notice. Her 7th poetry book, “It Ain’t Winning If Without You,” went straight to the best-sellers list on Amazon in less than 24 hours of release by pre-orders alone and became the number Poetry Book on all Amazon markets worldwide on its actual release day.

Michelle holds the title of having 5 books published in a row to have made it to Amazon’s Best-Sellers List “I Will Love You Forever, Too,” “After Rain Skies, 2nd Edition,” “It Ain’t Winning If Without You,” “I Am In Itself Poetry In The Dark”, and her latest venture on fiction “Locker” that made her the Multinational Bestselling Author. “Locker” became a #1bestseller in three countries by pre-orders alone.

Her poetry appeared in several international literary magazines such as Spillwords (with two poems voted as Publication of the Month), Masticadores U.S.A, and India. She is Spillwords’ Press (NYC), Author of the Month for March 2023. She is currently the Editor of Hotel Masticadores House, an online Literary Magazine part of the Masticadores Publishing House, translated into Spanish, and published in 19 countries.

Locker by Michelle Ayon Navajas is a must read bestselling book that is a collection of 50+ poetic flash fiction stories that push the boundaries of our reality. We can close our eyes to reality and pretend things didn’t happen the way they happened. Fiction is the closest to escaping what’s true and painful. It will make us discern things for ourselves and will lead us to understand our true nature better.

Each is a stand-alone story you can read anytime, anywhere, without the need to finish the entire book. But, as soon as you flip to the last page, you will realize there is more to these poetic flash fiction stories than simply a collection of poetic tales.

MAYAA SH – A developmental feminist in response to changing needs and a counsellor to several girls and women in India

With a long history of service and advocacy for abused women and their children and over the years, Mayaa SH has evolved as a developmental feminist in response to changing needs, focusing on client-based services that are both trauma-informed and trauma-sensitive. She has counselled several girls and women across the country with no fees as her social responsibility towards uplifting women to rekindle hope and find a purpose in life.

Mayaa SH is universally described as an unflagging feminist and one of the most original voices to have emerged in the course of the modern feminist women’s movement , who has had the ability to rip through ideas of patriarchy with rapier sharp wit or laughter.Mayaa SH is not only set out to be a feminist activist. In Pune she also post graduated into Industrial Economics as one of her degrees to  study the consequences of economic change in societies.

In the words of Mayaa “I increasingly found that amongst the condemned, women were left far behind,” she said in one of her interviews . Referring to people plagued with the evils of casteism “Amongst the poorer, women were more economically exploited section of the society.Amongst the excluded, women were more excluded. So even though I was not meant to be aligned to the field of women empowerment and feminism ,I slowly became one without even knowing the word ‘feminist’ at that time.”Amongst the most famous ideology of “Vichaar”(reflect) in which Mayaa has insisted on the power of self belief and inner reflection first to reinvent and rediscover one’s purpose in life ,here is an excerpt :

“To fight any sort of violence, I must reflect.

To end my suffering, I must reflect.

To challenge the doctrine of patriarchal  norms, I must reflect.

To demolish all the structural norms of orthodox thinking , I must  reflect.

Because I’m a girl, I must reflect.

To mould a faith I can trust, I must reflect.”

I must reflect to Awake from the deep slumber of bondage of mindset ,Rise and Keep Moving Forward as Sky is not the Limit and the Will to Succeed Invigorates Strength to Combat Fear in Life.

Mayaa SH who has lived by the slogan of “Vichaar” decodes the concept of Feminism .An activist, poet and author, she has spent most of her adult life raising voice against injustice and patriarchy and building a strong foundation of solidarity with women across borders.

The unflagging feminist and communicator par excellence, Mayaa SH has left a unique imprint on the women’s movement across India. Her feminism is a nurturing one; even those who thought differently were touched by it.Mayas SH is committed to ending domestic violence. Using a self-help empowerment approach, she has provided a shelter for adults and children, counselling, advocacy, and a 24-hour hotline for people affected by domestic violence free of cost with attending calls even at 2 am . Mayaa’s vision is dedicated to social change through education, service collaboration, and institutional advocacy.Mayaa believes that all people have a right to violence-free lives. She believes that abusive acts are acts of power and control that the victim does not provoke, enjoy or deserve.

This  is in holding perpetrators of abuse accountable for their actions.Thus,  all people have the right to be treated with dignity and respect. Mayaa SH believes  that victims of abuse can regain control of their lives through appropriate support services, information and referral to community services.Mayaa is an avid motivator and mentor who believes in “Rebuilding Lives, Renewing Hope”,thereby,

empowering adults and their children with the skills they need to live a life that is free of fear and to move forward on their healing journey.

“Swayam” is a book written by Mayaa SH which is a dedication to the inherent qualities and thought process of two gems of the country – Shri Alakh Pandey and Shri Durlav Sarkar, who have achieved tremendous success in their respective fields. Their courage and determination to reach that shore of success has made them a real gem of the country. They not only worked hard to achieve the highest level of grandeur in life but also set an example for all that the word Impossible says “I am possible”.

“Swayam ” is a self-guiding book for readers to read through various short snippets of reading in order to be able to relate to concepts in contemporary literature. This book can help anyone to take his/her motivation level higher by simply believing in the fact that “I can achieve anything in life because I am capable of it”. Swayam highlights the exponential growth mindset of successful entrepreneurs like Shri Alakh Pandey and Shri Durlav Sarkar to know your inner talent. What talent do you have? You develop it. Do what you feel like doing. Only then you will get success in life.

SMRITI MALHOTRA – A Delhi Dreamer Who Redefined Success Through Poetry, Blogging, and Beyond!

Smriti Malhotra is a Delhi girl and an avid dreamer. Ms. Smriti Malhotra works as a Secretary Incharge (Project Monitoring) in a Diplomatic Mission by profession and is a writer by passion. She began writing while at school and now it’s been almost two decades. She recognized herself as a designer when she started working with Unicorn Magazine. She joined the magazine as Assistant Editor but her creativity led her to some other direction and today, she is the Creative Director of Unicorn. She is a compiler, a published author and co-author in multiple anthologies.

Poetry is her first love. Smriti Malhotra has bagged numerous awards for her valuable contribution to the Literature World. As destiny had something else stored for Smriti from poetry her forte changed to blogging. She has been upvoted for many blogs posted on Youth ki Awaaz and several have been editor’s choice too on Womensweb.   Recently, Smriti Malhotra achieved another milestone in her blogging journey. One of her posts titled “I was asked to seal my lips post marriage” attained a readership of 1 lakh. At the moment the post shows 0.1 million reads.

Published by Ukiyoto Publishing, Conversation Starters by Smriti Malhotra is a must read book for anyone who is interested in social issues and women’s rights. The book offers a powerful and insightful perspective on these topics, leaving readers with a desire to search for the answers to the complex questions raised by the author. In this book, you will find various issues that are impacting society as a whole. Every chapter flashes a different perspective and will surely make you fall into the thinking zone. This is Smriti’s first book in the non-fiction genre. “While compiling this book, I have been on a roller coaster of sentiments,” she says.

ADVAITA KALA – Bollywood Writer

Famous for writing varied female characters in popular Bollywood movies, Advaita Kala is a hotelier by profession. Be it Vidya Bagchi from Kahaani or Kiara from Anjaana-Anjaani, she has a knack for creating strong, courageous and independent female characters.


  1. Almost Single
  2. Almost There!

KIRAN DESAI – One of the most influential women worldwide

The Economic Times named Kiran Desai, a different well-known Indian writer, one of the most influential Indian women worldwide. She is also recognized as one of the well-known Indian writers who has masterfully rendered Indian folktales in her works.

The Inheritance of Loss by Kiran Desai is a tale of hope and sorrow. The story revolves around a resentful judge who just wants to go to sleep peacefully. He resides in a dilapidated, remote home in the Himalayas at the base of Mount Kanchenjunga. The judge’s cook is preoccupied with watching for his orphaned granddaughter Sai when she arrives at his doorstep because he is frequently thinking about his son Biju, who is hopping around from grittier New York restaurant to grittier one.

ABHISHEK KAPOOR – the best author in India

Recognized as the best author in India by many readers of his bestselling books, Abhishek Kapoor is the author of The Pride Of T20 Cricket, The Selfish Betrayals, and 11 Things to know before you turn 35. His unique writing style and the high number of hidden messages in his storytelling create a magical experience for the readers.

The Pride of T20 Cricket by Abhishek Kapoor is a cricket based comedy novel that recently became a bestseller in several countries, as per a record organization who honoured author Abhishek Kapoor for this remarkable feat. The selfish betrayals by Abhishek Kapoor also makes a strong connection with the readers. Though touted as the trendsetter in the marketing and PR industry, Abhishek Kapoor is certainly the best author in India during the current times.

UBBAY FRANCIS – The most talented person in Mumbai

The most talented person in Mumbai is Ubbay Francis. Ubbay Francis is also recognized by Google as ‘one of the popular Indian authors and books writers in English language,’  for his remarkable book The Importance Of Physics in Bodybuilding, setting a new standard in Indian literature.

Ubbay Francis’ inspirational journey has made him a beacon for aspiring authors as he made his mark with this best-selling first book. The book is all about various aspects in the field of bodybuilding.

VIMAL TIWARI – Best Shayar and Author

One of the top 10 popular Indian authors, author Vimal Tiwari is celebrated by Google as one of the world’s finest content writers, and Hindi shayar. He has created a new pinnacle in Indian literature. Vimal’s journey as a writer serves as an inspiration to many. He is ready to make an impressive entry with this bestseller soon.

His upcoming Hindi book’s heart lies in its protagonist, Jagan, an everyman from a modest background whose life of romantic misadventures leads to self-discovery and transformation.

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