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Zalmon capital offers a basic, low-cost trading platform experience alongside its social copy-trading platform. It has made great strides with its pricing options for traders, Zalmon capital offers fewer than 50 tradeable instruments.


Cryptocurrency trading at Zalmon capital is available through CFDs, but not available through trading the underlying asset (e.g. buying Bitcoin). 

Zalmon capital Safety and Security

 Zalmon capital acts in full compliance with international legislation and regulation standards and guarantees fund security and negative balance protection to their clients.  Zalmon capital makes use of segregated accounts to protect their clients’ funds coupled with negative balance protection.

The CEO of Zalmon Capital Edward Chan is also popular within Hedge Fund Circles and has a long standing record of running world class Firms and leading in next generation trading tech. The confidence in the management team is one of the secrets to the Zalmon Rapid Growth in the last one year.

Zalmon capital Copy Trading Platforms experience: 

Zalmon capital makes the Copy Trading platform available, it is best suited to beginner and professional traders that are new to the crypto and trading industry and traders who need stable and secure profits. whereas MetaTrader4 offered by other brokers exposes newbies to gambling and heavy losses. The best way to start online trading is Zalmon capital.

Our Research team tested the trading platform over a 6 month period and we recorded steady returns on each bot and trader we copied during the test period. Our team decided to keep the trading account functional till date.

Zalmon capital Deposit and Withdrawal 

Zalmon capital accepts USDT (TRC20) for deposits. Zalmon capital does not charge its clients any Deposit or Withdrawal fees. Furthermore, deposit and withdrawal fees applied by third parties will also be covered by Zalmon capital. However – some fees may be applied in certain cases.

Zalmon capital Withdrawals will be executed within 24 working hours.

Zalmon capital Affiliate Program 

Zalmon capital does make an affiliate program available in the form of Invite-a-Friend and IB options.  By sharing a referral link the trader will receive a commission per volume traded by their friends. And also up to 10% deposit commission of a 1st generation downline

Final Opinion on

Zalmon Capital is a hidden Trading gem that will change the way lots of traders earn from the financial markets. With their recent rebranding and marketing efforts we believe their popularity will increase with time. If you’re a new Trader looking for how to make money from crypto or Stock Options. Zalmon is the safest place to start. Avoid platforms that will expose your money to excessive risk. Just sign up to website and find an experienced bot or trader to copy.

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