Your Movie Ticket or Boarding Permit will now be Instantly Added to Google Wallet

Your Movie Ticket or Boarding Permit will now be Instantly Added to Google Wallet

In the short time since it added support for over forty small and regional banks, Google Wallet is becoming a little more comprehensive.

A recent upgrade allows Google Wallet to automatically add plane passes and cinema tickets from Gmail.

Although these ticket kinds are not brand-new to Google Wallet, they were previously introduced manually. From now on, they will automatically be uploaded as soon as you receive your email of confirmation; no further action is required on your part.

Google merely stated in a press release that “this integration is live for some global movie chains and airlines,” without going into detail about whose businesses this innovation supports. The business stated that more airlines and movie theaters will be added in the future.

One crucial requirement must be met for the connection to function: a QR code must be present in the email ticket confirmation that was sent to your linked account. You will still need to add the account manually if access to the ticket requires one.

This is merely the most recent development in Google’s campaign to replace your paper wallet with a virtual one. The company expanded last summer by adding insurance cards and transit passes; in the fall, it added gym memberships and club loyalty cards; in October 2023, it added various state driver’s licenses; and in December 2023, it added over forty additional banks.

Google has also included the option to manually archive passes in your Wallet as part of this version. You can choose archive to transfer a current pass from the main screen into a lower “archived pass” section if you don’t want it to appear.

In addition, Google introduced Wallet in the Dominican Republic, Monaco, and Peru. It also enabled loyalty cards to display membership advantages when users searched and browsed products on Google.

Sanchita Patil

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