Young entrepreneur Param Monpara that age is nothing but a number!

Young entrepreneur Param Monpara that age is nothing but a number!

Apart from e-commerce, Param Monpara is also associated with multiple business ventures


It is never too early or late to become successful in your life. In this age of internet and technology, people are now more confident to try something new and sell their ideas and hit the road to success.

Param Monpara is one of the youngest entrepreneurs and a social media influencer who started at an early age of 19 with an aim to establish himself as a successful businessman

After experiencing a roller coaster journey, the young gun has now come with up a unique initiative to promote and fund the ideas of budding entrepreneurs.

In today’s fast-paced world, versatility is a mandatory attitude every working person needs to have. To stand out amongst contemporaries, one must not only strive to work hard towards achieving their goals but also possess additional qualities that help them in a long run.

Talking about his journey so far, Param says, “I started at an age where most of them are on their learning phase.  Everything I did was my business or content creation, gave me a sense of confidence.  I have had my ups and downs, but that is pushing me forward ”.

He adds, “Being able to try my hand at many things helped me understand my caliber.  It is always important to invest talent in the right place.  I think I still have a lot to learn.  Time will decide everything.  For now, I am enjoying my work, and everything is revolving around it.

Param Monpara donated 50% of his first business income to cow service And Dog Food. He is a biggest hearted person.

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