You would now be able to add nostalgic application symbols to your iPhone

You would now be able to add nostalgic application symbols to your iPhone

In case you’re tingling for some wistfulness to take you back to a period where you didn’t need to wear a cover each time you ventured outside, MSCHF — the gathering behind The Office Slack, the chicken bong, and other brazen tasks — is here for you.

While the outside world might be frightening, your telephone can at any rate come back to a more secure past with MSCHF’s Icon Rewind. Open the site on your iPhone (Safari just — sorry Chrome darlings) and adhere to the guidelines from that point.

“Nostalgia is a powerful emotion, and one of the most iconic (no pun intended) pieces of nostalgia is old app icons,” said Daniel Greenberg, head of methodology at MSCHF. “I cannot tell you how much I miss the old Instagram or Slack icon.”

Greenberg clarified how it functioned: “Using progressive web apps, we made a way for you to save the OG icons from the web to your iPhone home screen, and when clicking them, it opens the corresponding app,” he said.

While Icon Rewind doesn’t supplant the refreshed symbol, it adds a #TBT quality to your telephone. Recall when the Snapchat’s apparition had a face, and when you really voyage and had things deserving of snapping? Ok, past times worth remembering.

Pick your preferred profound cut for yourself. Greenberg’s top pick? “We brought back the app icon that opens TikTok.”

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