Wozzie Is Ready To Inspire Audience With His New Track “Ain’t My Kind”

Wozzie Is Ready To Inspire Audience With His New Track “Ain’t My Kind”

Wozzie, an American rapper, is ecstatic to unveil his newly designed and eagerly anticipated NFT collection. Wayne Redmond, better known as Wozzie, is a rapper, actor, and songwriter from Philadelphia. He is now an indie musician known for his chill-step, rough audio, and laid-back music, which showcases his refined technical ability and unrivaled sound and he is a rising artist from the USA. Wozzie’s voice has always been audible due to his  musician with a passion for NFTS .  Singing is not only a great motivator, but it is also good for your heart, according to research. Singing has psychological benefits because it has a generally positive effect on stress levels, which is linked to our sense of emotional well-being. Singing is physically beneficial because it is an aerobic activity that increases blood oxygenation.  Wozzie has recently released a version of his new NFT collection, which showcases the artist’s diverse and creative work. The collection was designed professionally with the intention of inspiring other artists to pursue their dreams.

He is up again with the best tracks know as “Ain’t My Kind” track , the same has been true of the “Slime Gvng Gunna” songs of 2022 thus far: these have  provided quite especial moments of escape, reflection, and plain old joy. We are starting to hear some of this songs with others, either live in concert or out and about, as the world gradually reopens in certain countries and we are able to get the full experience, but their just-as-great job of sound tracking neighborhood walks. These songs have different level in this contemporary time. These songs satisfied the inner soul of individual and attracted the millions to feel these tracks and showed heavy number of fans to Wozzie.

Wozzie begins by creating the beat, then adds the rhymes and musical background. “I like to listen to guitars and piano keys for inspiration; the sound transports me,” Wozzie says. “However, I do not always produce myself because I work with a fantastic team of producers.” Thanks to my marketing team for doing an excellent job designing my website, which showcases my hard work and efforts to the rest of the world.”

Wozzie, who never gives up on his dreams, is currently hard at work on a new EP, which he hopes to release in December. He is now listening to a lot of unsigned Philadelphia bands, and he says, “I prefer to hear what my city has to offer.” Wozzie considers himself more of a creative virtuoso than a traditional artist. Wozzie is a musician with a passion for NFTS and an outstanding and enthusiastic Philadelphia musician who is completely dedicated to music and performance. Wozzie has honed his technical abilities and tone through incredible concerts and studio recording of different sessions, establishing himself as an unstoppable force in the music industry.


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