With his innovative brand “Letsgrub,” Idris Lura creates waves of change in the industry.

With his innovative brand “Letsgrub,” Idris Lura creates waves of change in the industry.

He wanted to create a brand that could easily connect people with the power of tech in real-time over a common interest in food.

The kind of success and momentum a few industries have gained over the years cannot just be attributed to one factor. The primary reason for any industry’s growth today is the advent of technology and how entrepreneurs have leveraged tech power to create innovative products/services, brands, and businesses. Secondly, it is because of the relentless drive, incessant efforts, and determination of a few astute minds and professionals who work with 100% commitment to turn their ideas from paper into reality and offer people uniqueness through all that they offer to their target demographic. Creating waves of change in the technology sector is one such high-performing entrepreneur named Idris Lura.

Idris Lura may seem to be just another guy from the neighborhood vying to make his mark in the tech space, but he is definitely more than just being that and has showcased his A-game by pushing forward the growth of the industry in unimaginable ways. He is an Australian native who moved to Texas in the year 2005 and now is known as the Forth Worth King of Tech for all the right reasons. Meeting new people, creating new connections, and networking were some of the most fascinating things for him, and he also grew massive interest in the tech world. Hence, he decided to combine the two to create something that will help people get connected through tech over a common interest in food in real-time. That is how he built his brand Letsgrub, which today is valued at a massive 11 million dollars.

This was a new concept that Idris Lura birthed, which helped him garner incredible recognition in the industry. He drew exceptional success for his brand all on his own and turned into a proud Founder and CEO for Letsgrub. He highlights that his ability and creativity to carve his own success and live the life he imagined for himself has made him a successful entrepreneur today. He loves travelling, meeting new people from across the world, being introduced to different cultures, and exploring what the earth offers.

At a very young age, he fell in love with tech, and his love grew as he noticed the many transitions that happened from traditional methods to modern tech, which has made everything possible through smart devices.

Hence, he wished to make his own impact through tech and created Letsgrub to connect more people through tech, setting the foundation for what everyone on earth has in common, food.

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