William Rivera: The man and the mind behind the exponential rise of the e-commerce industry.

William Rivera: The man and the mind behind the exponential rise of the e-commerce industry.

His Ecom Degree University provides the right knowledge, tools and opportunities to aspiring entrepreneurs and youngsters to create a successful business.

All those people who believe in their dreams are the ones that do not fear in taking risks in life. Making tough decisions and choices at the right time helps individuals create a happier and satisfying life for themselves. Very few youngsters today are aware of what they really wish to do in life and they also live on constrained budgets which lower their confidence to think big in life. But, no more says William Rivera, who is rising high as a talented entrepreneur in the e-commerce industry with his innovative e-commerce program called Ecom Degree University. This university is driven by its aim to turn ordinary individuals into extraordinary success stories.

But, before we dive deeper into knowing about Ecom Degree University, let’s check out more about the ace entrepreneur and mind behind this program. William Rivera is a 21-year-old entrepreneur who was born in Miami, Florida. All his life, he has faced numerous struggles, where he was raised by a single mother. For his quest to provide for his family he worked at multiple jobs from a very early age, only to realize that to become a prominent name and create great wealth, he must start something of his own. Initially, he sold shoes and bought iPhones locally and flipped them on eBay.

Later, he began researching online and came across e-commerce and dropshipping. After doing a job to fund his side hustle, he learned from many online courses and grew knowledge about dropshipping. After his relentless hard work and efforts, William Rivera created his first successful dropshipping store. After making huge sales in the same, the youngster knew his true calling and since then has never looked back. He went ahead to make thousands in sales and created multiple stores, some of which even hit 6-7 figures and in the process also helped some of his friends to make it huge in e-commerce. Gradually, he understood that he could create an online program, where he can put all of the knowledge and experience of the industry and help others in creating a profitable e-commerce business. This is how Ecom Degree University was originated in 2018.

Today, Ecom Degree University has grown to a level where it has already enrolled more than 950 students. People can learn every aspect of building a profitable business from this program, right from Amazon wholesale to dropshipping; individuals can learn to build a successful company online. It is a step-by-step training program to help people build and operate a successful online business.

William Rivera’s quest to become a successful entrepreneur himself helped him make revolutions in the e-commerce space, helping others taste their definition of success through Ecom Degree University. To gain more knowledge about the university, do not forget to follow it on Instagram @ecomdegreeuniversity and also visit the website, https://ecomdegreeuniversity.com/.

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