Why We Are Watching The Alexa Show

Why We Are Watching The Alexa Show

Alexa Servodidio is a therapist and mom from the New York City Area. A soft-spoken, pretty woman, she brings a little of herself to every show she hosts. A private practice therapist, Alexa, meets with clients on a variety of challenging issues. She deals with everything from addiction to suicide. For every reason, her professional expertise is valuable in today’s crazy times. She could easily live a quiet private life in the suburbs with her adorable daughter. But, instead, Alexa chooses to put herself in the public eye each week on a syndicated Public Television show, on her Facebook live streams, and beyond. We have been watching, and we love what we see. The Alexa Show interviews are entertaining, uplifting, and inspiring. She has a unique way of getting even the toughest professional athletes to open up and share their lives. Many of her episodes have featured NFL superstars, NBA greats, coaches, and celebrity names. The high-profile players open up on her show. They expose their hearts and souls.

Servodidio’s latest episode features two-time Superbowl winner Ray Crockett. Ray played for fourteen years with the Denver Broncos, Detroit Lions, and Kansas City Chiefs. Crockett is famous for post-professional sports for his television appearances, even co-starring with Dick Butkus. Most notably, Crockett spent 30 days in a wheelchair for the show “30 Days”. He chose to be on display after witnessing a paralyzing injury of former Detroit Lions Teammate Mike Utley in 1991. Crockett is a legend who made it through hard work and persistence. His football jersey recently showed up in the music video for the song “I made it” by Kevin Rudolf, featuring Lil Wayne and Birdman. On The Alexa Show, Alexa’s friendly interview style has the icon sharing his story and giving advice to the viewers that they will surely apply. Our favorite quote from the episode “You don’t have a testimony if you haven’t been tested.” Luckily for all of us, if you cannot catch the episodes on your local PBS broadcast channel, the show is posted on the Ask Alexa Therapy YouTube channel and the Ask Alexa Therapy website.

Alexa’s latest new venture has been hosting Facebook lives, where she interacts with her audience and answers questions from viewers. As a result, she develops friendships with her Facebook friends, and you can see the genuine love she has for connecting with others. In addition, her willingness to share her own story makes her relatable and refreshing. In an online world of facades, Servodidio’s approach is a needed change.

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