Why Is Gifting An Enchanted Rose An Excellent Idea?

Why Is Gifting An Enchanted Rose An Excellent Idea?

A rose conjures fascinating thoughts, often with a romantic twist. Especially if it is an enchanted rose that you are planning to offer to your special someone. The enchanted rose as a gift originates from a French fairytale (made into a movie recently), a story that was written nearly 300 years ago, in the 1740s, to be more precise. 

The Origin of the Name

The story known as Beauty and the Beast is a touching tale of star-crossed love that happened, thanks to the humble rose. It doesn’t matter if such an enchanted rose is not available in your country. The world has shrunk so much that you can virtually order anything from the cool confines of your home, a rose included. 

Love Symbol

A rose represents love and personifies beauty even in today’s fast-paced digital world where everyone is busy, though people madly in love still have time to think of such subtle gift ideas for the love of your life. A rose signifies not just love or beauty; it is symbolic of virtue. Mostly, a crimson red rose, an enchanted one in glass, is the best gift for your love by whom you are hopelessly spellbound. 

The Best Way to Express True Love

Can there be any other means of expressing true love, other than with an enchanted rose that can keep reminding your love of your love for a whole year? Because that’s how long today’s enchanted roses will to last. Probably that’s what makes this idea an excellent one. Even Cupid couldn’t think of a better expressing love by someone who’s so smitten that he can no longer say it with words. 

Communicate Your Thoughts

An enchanted rose speaks volumes of how much you love and care. While a red rose implies love in most countries, in some countries like China, it indicates landed property and bliss, and that’s why lovers gift such roses to their loved ones there. 

The enchanting rose has enchanted poets and celebrities so profoundly that we still hear people uttering “A Rose is a rose, is a rose is a rose” (courtesy Gertrude Stein) or quoting Robert Burns: “My love is like a red, red rose”. The red rose has stuck as a symbol of love and will remain so for posterity. To make it more exciting and romantically enchanting, people prefer to gift enchanted roses to the love of their lives. 

Fresh for Over a Year

Did you ever wonder what keeps an enchanted rose fresh and enticing for such long periods? Is there a secret love potion being used? While that’s true if you can call a mixture of glycerin and some other oils a magic potion. 

However, the secret doesn’t lie just in glycerin and other oils. It lies in the pain some companies take to find the right roses. Roses grown in rich soil develop thick petals that tend to last longer. 

Of course, it is the so-called “magic potion” that extends the rose’s life for a couple of years, making it look as fresh as ever. 

Summing it Up

When you want to express your deep love, it doesn’t matter if you say it with a single stem rose or a whole bunch of red roses. The red rose remains the undisputed symbol of true love across the globe. A red rose has been the symbol of love and passion for thousands of years and will probably remain so for posterity.

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