Who is G.Ozzy?

Who is G.Ozzy?

BE YOUR OWN BOSS: G.Ozzy winning the world through Music

Many musicians in the world receive “call” – an overwhelming desire to become a musician-during childhood day and by the time they reach their teenage, their career path is already fairly well defined. This dream and aspiration fuels energy and direction, and while we may not achieve our dream in the form in which we originally imagined it, pushing at boundaries forces us to develop and discover resources to help us, including guides and mentors, to overcome our demons and cross thresholds, and, on the way, learn to transform failure into a valuable resource. And here’s a journey of our musical hero, G.Ozzy.

Born on September 4th, Montgomery, Al, G.ozzy was raised in Mobile, Al where he discovered his inclination towards music. Rooting from a family of musical interests, he received music in his blood by birth. At a very young age of 5, he recognized his innate talents in playing instruments like piano and drums by ear without taking any professional training but under the tutelary presence of his mother and Uncle Garland Foreman’s talent.  Grief-stricken by the demise of his baby brother Malcolm James Foreman and Uncle Garland, G Ozzy exerted himself to be the best version of him. He gave his hundred percent efforts to become the all-around best at what he does, Music.

Making some wrong decisions in his life have cost him a little but also with it came a lot of learning. He holds a vision to inspire the youth of the world and help them stay motivated and inspired to create good music, despite the shortcomings. He got his major inspiration from music from artists such as Michael Jackson, The Temptations, Tupac, Snoop Dog, Biggie, Big Krit, and Eminem. 

G.Ozzy believes in learning from failures and losses. Failure may come from external factors such as a bad concert or review. This can be difficult, but any failure can be turned into a resource from which we can learn and move on. Trial and error, exploration, and experimentation allow us to gain feedback and adjust our approach if necessary, before trying again and progressing on our journey.  After the death of their homeboy Thomas “WAVYBOY” Roberts Jr, who was robbed and killed October 9, 2015, on Duncan St in Maysville, Al. G.Ozzy with his longtime friend Al-B created and founded WREKONCILE RECORDS.

G.Ozzy holds a large number of good quality music and achievements to his account. He released his first mixtape G.OZzy “Unchained” back in 2015. He also released videos on YouTube, namely, “ Keep it Coming” “Retribution” “All the Time” and more. 

His first album, The Gospel Truth, was released in August 2020“. His New Singles “Wanna Ball” and “Fit” are releasing super soon!  Also, a 90’s Baby Mixtape will be out this Summer! As a person holding a vision to inspire youth, G.Ozzy has built “Record Label Wrekoncile Records LLC “where he gives tools to be your own boss”.


Instagram :- https://www.instagram.com/str8lik_ozzyworld

Spotify:- https://open.spotify.com/artist/1yurCGdij1HR1mpKN6Uh3i?si=cA1y2p3JRnmeXRShoKmwKQ
Youtube:- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCysJgGXwLcYNXeK76QYEy1Q

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