The best investments in Egypt 2023 are those generating a reasonable return for their owners. In recent years, young Egyptians have been looking for investment opportunities that will help them survive the difficult economic period the country has experienced in the last decade.

After many experiments and unsuccessful investments, young Egyptians have got tired of risk and have started looking for the best investments with guaranteed returns.

Therefore, at La Costa Real Estate we offer you a wide range of investments. In fact, many of them are considered the best investments for Egypt 2023, with key information about them being mentioned.

The Republic of Egypt is in a difficult situation economically, but in recent years the situation has greatly improved as Egypt has become a suitable environment to start various investments, many of which have emerged and have become of great importance for the economic vitality of the country.

There is more than one investment that can be made in Egypt and get huge profits of up to 500%, but there are factors that are just as important as the numbers, and you shouldn’t start and join an investment based on numbers alone.

Previous experience in the La Costa Real Estate for example, is very important to the success of an investment. Someone shouldn’t invest without knowing anything about the business, so when looking at the investments below, make sure that the investment you want to make is the right one for you, and that you can do it.

Investing In Commercial Real Estate

According to La Costa Real Estate vision, real estate investment is the best investment in Egypt 2023 because the chances of profiting from this type of investment are very high. In addition, there are almost no losses, so we see that there are many investors who prefer to engage in this type of investment, even in a small way, by owning commercial real estate from their other properties.

The reasons why you need  to start investing in real estate:

  • The massive emergence of business activities that require real estate space, such as company offices, medical clinics, and even;
  • The demand for real estate has increased in recent years compared to usual, as there is a huge amount of real estate throughout the Republic and the demand for housing continues to grow;
  • The prices of real estate investments continue to grow consistently and their prices rarely fall, which means huge profits;
  • The best real estate areas for investing as Hurghada, Ain Sukhna, the North Coast, like Fouka Bay North Coast
  • the new administrative capital, Fifth Settlement, Mostakbal City… 

Investing in Bank Savings Certificates

Investing in bank savings certificates is safe because the possibility of losing money in them is almost non-existent, as you can recover the amount you put in again at the end of a specified period, as well as the fact that the returns on these certificates are calculated monthly, quarterly or semi-annually or annually.

Investing in investment certificates is the least risky type of investment, therefore their returns are guaranteed. Certificates can be invested in that start at just 500 Egyptian pounds and the returns compared to other types of savings accounts or deposits are not bad.

Please feel free to visit our website La Costa Real Estate to discover all the investment opportunities in Egypt.

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