Web 3 Project Music Bear Awards Presents An Innovative Roadmap To Consolidate The Position Of Artists & Fans In The Music Industry

Web 3 Project Music Bear Awards Presents An Innovative Roadmap To Consolidate The Position Of Artists & Fans In The Music Industry

Music Bear Awards is here to disrupt the way you consume music and how you talk about it with other music lovers. The Web 3 project is built to empower fans and artists and will challenge the traditional ways that hardly provide any value to them.

Backed by an immensely talented team that has experience of over 10 years in the music industry, MBA is the change that everyone was looking forward to seeing for many years. 2 Founders of MBA have almost 10 years of experience in managing business operations, marketing and PR with an MBA and project manager certification. 4 board members are successful artists with millions of streams on streaming platforms, concerts all over the globe and are songwriters and mentors. 2 team members are mogul in marketing, artists & development working for two major key players of the music industry (Sony Music, Amazon) in North America.

MBA’s NFT art has also been designed by extremely skilled people including the animators and 3D designer veterans who work for top tier movie and studio animation companies and other big production houses. The team has worked with reputed studios like Mikros Animation that released movies like Bob l’éponge 3D et Sonic, Baby Boss, Pat Patrol etc. 

It is a full 3D NFT in Full 4k with a full-body angle something which has never been seen in the NFT world yet. There are over 20 Legendary NFT and honorary inspired by iconic album covers or iconic music moments.

Since the music industry is dictated by big corporations, talented artists do not get the exposure they deserve. Even if an artist is able to “make it”, he only gets a small percentage of funds from the art he has made. This is where the MBA project plays its role.

Based on Web 3, Music Bear Awards focus on Freedom of Speech. Just like IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes are for movie lovers, MBA is a place for fans, curators, connoisseurs, music lovers from all over the world where they can share, discuss, debate about music. This is not it as the project can also be used by them to help and direct each other towards music that could match their taste. The project is focused on community building, music artist development, Fan oriented music, merchandising and collection.

The team of Music Bear Awards has presented an innovative roadmap that is dedicated to revolutionising the music industry. Below are some of the elements of the roadmap.

1) Building a Community around music

No doubt, the music has the potential to reach each and every individual, a community plays a huge role in uplifting the experience. The sharing of experience helps everyone create strong bonds with each other and boost community pride. Music Bear Awards will be making a strong community of music lovers, fans and connoisseurs.

2) The Ensemble AKA Music Book Club 

Currently, the music industry is directed by big companies that decide which artist should be exposed to the world. However, every artist and fan’s point of view matters. Since music lovers can be a great creative force in the market, the second part will be focused on developing a music book club that will have an impact on the music industry.

3) The Creative Hub

The artists picked by the community will receive support from MBA Creative Hub to develop their art, promote their single, Ep or mixtape and solidify the fact that a community of music lovers are tastemakers who can have a real impact in the music industry.

MBA Creative Hub will provide to the artist(s) the resources, the infrastructure, the network, the team, the exposure they deserve and the key to their own success.

4) Merchandising

Being a part of the community will provide benefits to every member. Some of the most amazing benefits include exclusive access to music events & concerts on planet earth. 

5) Charity

The community will also be a part of donations to the non-profit association(s) supporting youth in marginalized families through music and other kinds of arts.

Stay tuned to the official Twitter and Discord channel of Music Bear Awards for all the regular updates.

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