Water Quality Remains Key Environmental Challenge in Malaysia

Water Quality Remains Key Environmental Challenge in Malaysia

As reported by a study in 2019, approximately 38 per cent of rivers in Malaysia were identified as considerably contaminated.

When we talk about the water pollution challenges, Malaysians remain most concerned about drinking water quality which has instant and potential wellness effects.

The water quality and disruption incident in Selangor laid bare the risks of polluted drinking water and surely had a negative effect on the local’s perception of the capability of authority in handling environmental issues.

Water Filtration System Could be an Ideal Solution

As an official 3M distributor in Malaysia, XAMMAX is taking a different method to how they assist Malaysians to satisfy their water quality needs. They are supporting Malaysia 3M to bring together 50 plus years history of supplying 3M AquaPure water quality products with 3M’s over 100-year history of technology innovation.

To improve your house water quality, 3M has a complete line of drinking water filters, reverse osmosis drinking water systems and whole house water filter devices. Their water filter systems help deliver clearer, cleaner water to your property. Most of the 3M water filters are built for easy and hygienic replacement with their Sanitary Quick Change (SQC) idea.

When choosing the best water filtration system in Malaysia, make sure that the product contaminant minimization claims are accredited by a credible, independent trusted party especially NSF. NSF is an organization that provides qualification reassurance to those who manufacture, sell and use products, by means of independent review and examination.

NSF is an essential catalyst to them at 3M as their products make every effort to obtain the greatest standard possible. 3M softeners lessen calcium and magnesium minerals in the water to help prevent scale accumulation. Their other water treatment units deal with the frequent issue of iron reduction by treating your water at the point of entry to the household.

A Long Term Plan is a Must to Solve Water Quality Challenge 

Meanwhile, environmental experts have pointed out the impact of the authority-proposed RM15 million penalty for any party who found guilty of producing pollutants in waterways.

They stated while the fine would be a deterrent, the authority should have more tactics at its disposal to further complement the proposed fine.

The Malaysian authority is advised to collaborate with environmental experts to make a long term plan on increasing water quality with meaningful goals and deadlines.

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