Want healthy drinking water on the go? Switch to ‘pH Top by Khabib’

Want healthy drinking water on the go? Switch to ‘pH Top by Khabib’

This supercharged alkaline packaged drinking water has many health benefits which people are unaware of. Read on to know them.

Water has extreme health benefits and chugging glasses of water throughout the day has its own health benefits as it’s important to replenish every organ, cell and tissue of the body. Many have the belief that filtered water or mineral water is enough to give the required nutrients to the body, but that’s not the case as we need much more to extract maximum benefits from the natural source of nature and what better than alkaline water which has added health benefits which one should never ignore. The claim that alkaline water is much better than normal water that you get from the tap or any other source stands true, and there are strong scientific evidences to back it up too. We don’t have access to alkaline water unless we install a machine which is designed to create it through a process, and what if you’re away and want to access a glass of alkaline water? To bridge this gap, Khabib Nurmagomedov has introduced ‘pH Top’ which has this power packed drink in a bottle. So, now there’s no worry as one can slip a bottle in your bag and sip it on the go.

What made Khabib work on this idea which has never been thought of many? We ask the man himself to which he responds by saying, “There are hordes of benefits which one gets consuming this water as compared to regular water which has pH below 7 which creates too much acid in your blood and cells which can give rise to numerous health problems, right from osteoporosis to cancer. There were no options available in the Dubai markets providing bottled alkaline water, and it was much needed for those who took health seriously, and hence the idea to manufacture and launch ‘pH Top’ took shape.” He further informs that ‘pH Top’ water is extremely helpful for those who indulge in sports, as it increases endurance levels and stimulates optimum levels of fitness. The product goes through stringent quality checks which includes five stages of filtration process to ensure that the final product is of the best quality. It is safe for consumption by all age groups including pregnant women, and it also plays a major role in strengthening bones and improving metabolism, which are its added advantages

To know more about ‘pH Top’, visit www.waterbykhabib.com


Derek Robins

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