Want a Blue Check on Instagram? Introducing Our New Service: VERIFIED_on_IG!

Want a Blue Check on Instagram? Introducing Our New Service: VERIFIED_on_IG!

Thursday, September 3, 2020 — Huntington Beach, CA. — What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you see a blue check on Instagram? Fame? Prestige? Influence? SUCCESS? Instagram’s “blue check” is the ultimate status symbol. It’s a badge of honor. A medal of victory. A marker of success.It proves you’re a very important person. A VIP. Or the MVP. 

Tucker Carlson has one. Ricky Gervais has one. Gary Vaynerchuk has one. But it’s not just celebrities. Almost 80,000 Instagram users have blue marks. (As of February 2020.)

There are loads of misconceptions about blue checks: 

  • You don’t need millions of followers to get a blue check. Most verified accounts on Insta have 20-100K followers. 
  • There are just as many “nano-influencers” with blue checks as “mega-influencers.” 

And here’s something very few people know: You only need 1K followers to get a blue check. Yes, just 1,000. 

But not everyone with 1K+ followers gets a blue check. Oh, no. The vast majority of people don’t. There are 1 billion Instagram users worldwide. 80,000 of them have blue checks. This means just 0.01 percent of Instagram users have blue checks. 

So how can you get one? 

What are the Benefits of Instagram Verification?

Instagram rewards a blue check to public figures and entities — celebrities, politicians, brands, organizations, influencers, authority figures, leaders, you name it. The blue check confirms the noteworthy user has an authentic presence on the platform. It proves you are who you say you are. 

Instagram calls the blue check process “verification,” and it comes with loads and loads of perks and privileges. 

When you become Instagram-verified:

  • People are more likely to follow you.
  • People are more likely to share/like/comment on your content.
  • People are more likely to trust you.
  • People are more likely to purchase your products/services.

A small blue check on your Insta profile might not look like much, but it could change your entire life.

Once verified, expect:

  • More followers.
  • More engagement.
  • More comments/likes.
  • More click-throughs to your website.
  • More sales.
  • More media interest. 

You’ll be part of a very exclusive club!

There are other benefits too. With Instagram verification, you get:

  • Access to features that monetize your accounts. 

So You Want a Blue Check?

Want to be Instagram-verified? You could (slowly) build an audience of followers, generate media buzz, and try to go “viral.” Or you could do it the easier way. 

Welcome to VERIFIED_on_IG (part of Infiniti Marketing Group), the quick way to get Instagram verification. We’ve helped more than 2,500 artists around the world get social media verification on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Now we can do the same for you. 

To qualify for snap verification, you need to meet certain eligibility requirements: 

  • Requirement #1: Your account needs to be unique, complete, notable, and authentic.
  • Solution: We’ll help you meet these requirements. 
  • Requirement #2: You need a website. 
  • Solution: We’ll make one for you.
  • Requirement #3: You need significant media coverage to prove notability. 
  • Solution: We’ll create at least 10 media articles for you. 
  • Requirement #4: You need a Google knowledge panel that Instagram approves
  • Solution: We’ll help you achieve this.
  • Requirement #5: Not a requirement but a Wikipedia page is further proof of notability.
  • Solution: We’ll build a Wikipedia page for you. 

We’ve worked with:

  • Business owners
  • Influencers
  • Athletes
  • Musicians
  • Artists
  • Models
  • Public entities 
  • Public relations professionals
  • And more 


Want a blue check on your Insta? VERIFIED_on_IG can help. 

BROWSE: https://www.verifiedonig.com/

CALL: 1 (855) 3 CALL-IMG INSTA: @8img8


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