Wais Sarajzada Showcasing His Talent Unlike Any Other

Wais Sarajzada Showcasing His Talent Unlike Any Other

At 18, Wais Sarajzada has done more than people manage in a lifetime. He’s the CEO of a marketing company, he’s a music producer, and he’s released two stylish EP’s, the first “Alcatraz”, the second “Confused”, which is releasing soon. 

Both EP’s give off different vibes, which is what makes Wais Sarajzada so unique and versatile, the main reason why he’s currently growing exceptionally within the music industry.  

Luckily for us, he’s currently working on new music and wants to continue challenging his own creativity, no matter the circumstance. 

While recording his own music is a newfound love, which will only expand his global exposure – it is one he loves so much. 

We asked Wais what the next step will be, he said with all the success he’s made within a short time, success in the music industry feels inevitable. 

One thing Wais Sarajzada is looking to transform is how we expect music to sound. 

His instrumental, layered songs are currently taking over the music industry, receiving thousands of new fans and listeners daily. What makes Wais’s music so unique is he challenges the audience to find their own emotional connection to his music. Both “Alcatraz” and “Confused” feature unique beats with a sophisticated edge, giving him the leverage he needs in taking over the music industry. 

Although Wais Sarajzada is currently receiving lots of success from his latest release, Wais also wants to help and encourage small producers to gain success off their music as well.

Saqib Malik

Saqib Malik is a Digital Marketing Expert. He made a huge name for himself with his skills in digital marketing in the music and film industry; and in 2019 he founded Prestige Perfections, working with many elite artists, celebrities, movies and labels. He is also the owner of the news portal Clout News.
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