Vulcan Blockchain Ushers in a New Wave to Decentralized Finance

Vulcan Blockchain Ushers in a New Wave to Decentralized Finance

Vulcan Blockchain is a product of OOXY Labs, and has Bryan Legend leading the charge. He has upped his stakes with Vulcan by introducing new functionalities and features that showcase the power of DeFi. DeFi facilitates peer-to-peer transactions on a secure blockchain platform without the need for third parties or intermediaries. However, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. DeFi can revamp and revolutionize markets when adopted on a large scale. Vulcan Blockchain aims to achieve this by encouraging more people to enter the DeFi market.

Vulcan Blockchain is the first auto-rebasing blockchain in the international market. All projects launched on Vulcan will automatically have the same features and work using the same DeFi protocols. 

Bryan wanted Vulcan to be a rewarding venture for investors. After all, people who put their money into a project have to gain something valuable from it. He also aimed to make crypto more user-friendly and accessible to anyone who wants to invest in digital coins. With Vulcan Blockchain, he achieved both his goals and more. 

Here’s how Vulcan Blockchain is different from other blockchains: 

  • Fire Pit Burning Mechanism 

Vulcan uses the Fire Pit burning mechanism to offset inflation of $VUL being minted. This method reduces the overall supply of the tokens to maintain deflation and increase sustainability. Fire Pit auto-rebases with other wallets, thus increasing its balance every 15 minutes within the epoch. This is a continuous process. 

  • Eco-Friendliness 

Bryan knows the extent of computing power and resources required to run a crypto platform. He ensured that Vulcan Blockchain would be environment-friendly by asking developers to create Vulcan Consensus based on the proof of authority algorithm. This reduces emissions and carbon footprint, making Vulcan more sustainable in the long run. 

  • Investor Rights 

Investors have greater rights when they are a part of Vulcan. You get regular updates about the latest changes, updates, and efforts on the platform. Investors will also know what’s going on behind the scenes and have opportunities to vote for their favorite developments. 

  • Vulcan DAO 

Vulcan will be adopting the DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) voting system, which is totally decentralized and doesn’t have a central authority figure or intermediaries. The major decisions are made by the community as a whole instead of just a handful of people at the top. Bryan Legend wants crypto investors to earn a higher income without compromising transparency, security, or speed. Vulcan Blockchain is his solution to various questions in the crypto market. 

Check out the official website for more information. Follow Vulcan Blockchain on Twitter to stay updated. 



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