Vishu Soni the famous singer of these songs: Memories, Aukat, You are special

Vishu Soni the famous singer of these songs: Memories, Aukat, You are special

Today the whole nation is dancing to the song of 23-year-old Vishu Soni. The song of Vishu Soni, a resident of Jalandhar, has got a lot of love from the public. Vishu has achieved a lot at a very young age, he started his musical journey in his childhood and the world came to know about his talent of Vishu in 2020 when his first song “Memories” was launched, and as soon as this song came Made a place in my mind. People started liking this song, and Vishu’s song became very famous among Youngsters.

Gradually Vishu’s fan following started increasing, after Vishu’s first song people started knowing Vishu and waiting for Vishu’s upcoming songs. After releasing his first song, Vishu released the song “Aukaat”, and like Vishu’s first song, people appreciated Vishu’s second song as well.

When Sidhu Moose Wala died on 29 May 2022, to pay tribute to him, Vishu composed the song “2pac moose” in just 24 hours and paid tribute to Sidhu Moose Wala. As soon as this song was launched, people’s eyes became moist with the memory of Sidhu Moose Wala and people liked its song very much.

After this, Vishu released the song “You Are Special” which immediately touched the hearts of all those people who love someone very much, people have even proposed this song by sending it to their partner. After this, Vishu released the song “Don’t Go”, which also got a good response. For this song, people said that this song reflects the condition of the heart of the people and describes their feelings.

Probably very few people know that Vishu writes his songs and composes them himself. It is surprising that he has so much talent at such a young age and does not boast about it, it shows us that Vishu is a gentleman, if one of his feet is on the top of the sky, the other is on the ground. But achieving so much was not easy for Vishu. They had to travel a long and difficult journey to reach here.

When Vishu’s entire family stood against him, Vishu was fighting alone to fulfill his dream. No one was with him on this difficult journey, if anyone was with him then his courage and his dream. And with this courage and faith, Vishu achieved such a great position on his own. We have full faith that Vishu will continue to climb the ladder of success in his life.

Raeesa Sayyad

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