Unveiling the Jar of Digital Gold: Spare8 – The Best Platform to Buy Digital Gold

Unveiling the Jar of Digital Gold: Spare8 – The Best Platform to Buy Digital Gold

In today’s fast-paced world, investing spare change into a jar of digital gold might seem like a distant dream. Spare8 offers a unique and enticing opportunity to invest in digital gold, and we’re here to tell you why it’s the best platform to buy digital gold. Join us as we explore the world of digital gold through the lens of Spare8, a game-changer in financial investments.

The Concept of a Jar of Digital Gold

Digital gold is, quite literally, a jar filled with golden opportunities. It’s a modern twist on an ancient asset, combining the timeless allure of gold with the ease of the digital age. Here’s how Spare8 is conducive to filling this jar of digital gold for you.

Spare8: The Breakthrough Platform

Now, let’s delve into why Spare8 is the best platform to buy digital gold.

●       Refer and Earn with Spare8

At Spare8, sharing the golden opportunity with your friends benefits them and rewards you. With their innovative Refer and Earn scheme, you can refer your friends to Spare8 and win free gold worth up to ₹1000.

●       Auto-Investing Rewards with a Slot Machine Twist

Spare8 takes your investment experience up a notch with the slot machine game. For as little as 10 bucks, you can try your luck and earn rewards up to Rs 100.

●       Cost Averaging for Steady Growth

One of the key features that set Spare8 apart is its cost averaging. This strategy allows you to invest a fixed amount regularly, ensuring that you accumulate digital gold over time. This intelligent approach reduces market volatility and can lead to substantial gains.

●       No Lock-In Period, No Hassles

Spare8 takes pride in providing its investors with the flexibility of a no lock-in period. You don’t have to worry about a restricted deadline or maturity of redeeming your investment in digital gold. The control remains in your hands, allowing you to access your investments whenever needed.

●       Effortless Onboarding 

Traditional investments can be intimidating, with lengthy KYC processes and mountains of paperwork. Spare8 understands the needs of young investors and streamlines the process. Just provide your basic information, and you’re ready to embark on your digital gold investment journey.

●       Augmont Vault and 256-Bit Encryption

While Spare8 deals in digital gold, Augmont vaults actually store gold of the same value, as verified by sources. With the assurance of Augmont’s safety standards and 256-bit encryption, Spare8’s security measures are at par with those employed by banks, ensuring the safety of your investments.

●       Roundup Feature on Android, Daily Savings on iOS & Android

Spare8 offers a roundup feature on Android, where your everyday transactions are rounded up to the nearest Rs 10, and the spare change is invested into digital gold. For iOS and Android users, a daily savings option allows you to set aside Rs 10 daily.

●       Gold Leasing

Users can opt-in to leasing their existing gold or make a completely new purchase, with gold leasing users can now earn up to 16% pa that is an additional 4-5% that the platform offers you over and above the 11% average growth of the asset. This not only helps you achieve your financial goals faster but also build a strong portfolio that can compete with most other asset classes.


In digital gold investments, Spare8 shines brightly as the best platform to buy digital gold. Spare8 simplifies the investment process, making it accessible and exciting for everyone while ensuring the safety and growth of your investments.

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