Under 45usd Kernel based UAE VPS Server Hosting New Year Introductory plan by Provider TheServerHost

Under 45usd Kernel based UAE VPS Server Hosting New Year Introductory plan by Provider TheServerHost

High Uptime Low Cost UAE managed VPS Server Hosting Plans with Linux, Windows, KVM

Delhi, Delhi, India, 22nd Dec 2022, King NewsWire – When it comes to hosting their website, there are many usages that client might consider. Some of these include dedicated administrators, Root access, flexibility, scalability and cost-effectiveness. 

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Now Get 1 Core, 1 GB VPS plan with UAE based IP and Data Center with high uptime in just below 45$. Fastest delivery with complete managed service offered

Information about the TheServerHost

TheServerHost is a reputable UAE VPS server hosting provider that offers high performance and reliability. They have a wide selection of packages that are designed to meet the needs of small and medium sized businesses.

They also offer managed services for those who want more control over their servers. Managed services enable clients to customize the hardware and software to fit their businesses. For example, client can install a Linux or Windows operating system and choose their own control panel. Client can also add a domain name and configure their DNS server to match their business needs. Moreover, their server can be protected with the latest security patches and updates.

They also provide a free consultation for new clients. Their team of technicians is available around the clock to answer all their queries. If client need assistance, client can contact them via live chat, email, and phone. In addition, they provide free technical documentation and free software for their use.

TheServerHost hosting plans are unmetered and offer high bandwidth. This ensures that there is no limit to their site’s capacity to store data and files. It also guarantees a high uptime for their website.

When choosing a VPS service, it is important to consider the amount of bandwidth client will need. Whether client run a shopping website or a blog, client will want to have enough bandwidth to keep their content flowing. Moreover, high bandwidth means that client won’t have to worry about their server going down and affecting their profits.

TheServerHost servers are built on enterprise-grade hardware. Each server is protected by a firewall, spyware detection, and anti-virus protection. They’re also equipped with SSDs. Plus, they come with weekly security scans. All of this makes it easy to feel comfortable using them.

TheServerHost also has a great customer support team, which is available on the same day client call. There is a dedicated phone number for clients to call for quick, friendly, and professional help. Client can also submit an online form for a quicker response.

One of the advantages of UAE VPS hosting is that client can set up separate networks for employees. As a result, client can manage their website more effectively. Furthermore, client can run multiple programs on their server at the same time. These features are perfect for startups, as well as large corporations.

Whether client are running a business, blogging, or just looking to protect their personal information, a UAE VPS can help. Their site will be running on a secure server with the latest updates, and client will have complete control over the resources. By purchasing a VPS, client will enjoy a wide range of features, which will ensure client will have more flexibility, and a higher chance of making a profit.

Whether client were a beginner or an experienced web developer, client can easily get started with a VPS server. Client can choose from a variety of cheap VPS hosting plans.

Few Features offered by TheServerHost UAE plans

Root access: Root access is an important function of systems. It provides unrestricted access to the server and allows client to install and configure software packages. Perks of having root access, client also have the daunting task of making sure client make the most of it. For instance, client might want to make sure client install the best security package on the server.

With a VPS, client will be able to install large software packages and manage their database management software. Client can also change the language of their server side programs and install new applications. VPS is the ability to install and maintain specialized software not available on a shared hosting plan.

Scalable: If clients were growing their website or business, client need a scalable VPS server hosting plan. This way, client can add resources as their website grows, and not have to worry about downtime due to an increase in workload.

Virtual Private Servers allow client to increase their disk space and processor speed, as well as add additional security. The more resources client have, the better their website will perform.

Flexibility: VPS server hosting usages provide users with increased flexibility, reliability, and security. With VPS, client can install and run any software client like, and client can even use their server as an email server or game server.

Complete Managed and emergency Service: The best VPS hosting providers should be able to provide customers with a reliable network, as well as a high-speed Dedicated Server from a top-of-the-line data center. In addition, a managed VPS service will allow a website owner to enjoy all the advantages of having their own server, while removing the burden of managing it.

A good VPS hosting provider will also offer customer support in the event that something goes wrong with their website. They will also help fix “Service Unavailable” and “Internal Server Error” errors. This is an important feature, as many online businesses cannot afford to lose critical data or even worse, experience a server crash.

Cost-effectiveness: VPS Server hosting is a cost-effective solution for sites that are busy and require more space. It offers unlimited bandwidth, storage, and customization. In addition to that, the control panel software allows client to configure password-protected directories, add SSL certificates, and block certain IP addresses.

Customize: Another benefit of VPS hosting is the fact that client can customize their operating system. With this service, client can change the server-side language, database management software, and other settings.

Less Downtime: Aside from the scalability that it provides, VPS servers are also faster than shared servers. Moreover, it is less susceptible to downtime. If their website experiences downtime, visitors may abandon their website before purchasing or completing a transaction.

Automated Backup: While there are various VPS hosting providers, client should choose one that has a competent support team. They should also have automated backups for their data. Also, it is important to have high-speed Internet access for their website.

Dedicated IP: The most common feature of VPS server hosting providers is a dedicated IP address. This ensures that their website is safe from spam blacklists and phishing histories.

Usages: VPS hosting is ideal for businesses that have multiple websites. Moreover, it is suitable for fast-growing startup companies. For example, a news or media site needs high-speed services.

For UAE VPS Server visit https://theserverhost.com/vps/uae

For UAE Dedicated Server visit https://theserverhost.com/dedicated/uae

Company Details

Name: Robin Das
Company Name: TheServerHost
Email: support@theserverhost.com
Website: https://theserverhost.com/
Address 1: 493, G.F., Sector -5, Vaishali, Ghaziabad 201010.

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