Udemy Launched a Fresh Program for Indian Businesses Focused on Enhancing Employee Learning and Skill Development

Udemy Launched a Fresh Program for Indian Businesses Focused on Enhancing Employee Learning and Skill Development

The popular online learning and skills marketplace Udemy has announced the introduction of Team Plan in India. The team plan is designed specifically for functional divisions inside bigger corporate organizations as well as small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Teams can retrain and upskill up to 20 workers with state-of-the-art professional and technical skills to stay competitive and create business goals.

Businesses and up-and-coming tech leaders can access over 11,000 highly regarded courses that have been hand-picked from Udemy’s entire marketplace with the help of the Udemy Business Team Plan subscription. These courses include excellent preparation for over 200 certification exams covering a wide range of topics, such as generative AI, cloud computing, cybersecurity, data analytics, and more. Learning and development administrators can effortlessly manage employee learning plans, course enrollments, progress tracking, and course completion data from a single, user-friendly dashboard with Team Plan’s user-friendly features, which include personalized course recommendations, a user adoption report, and a user management dashboard.

“Growing businesses are the backbone of India’s economy, and each of them have unique employee training and development opportunities,” said Vinay Pradhan, Country Manager of India at Udemy. “We are excited to launch Team Plan in India to provide organisations of all sizes with a flexible and affordable solution that offers a comprehensive course catalogue tailored to meet their learning needs.”

In India, Team Plan is available as a subscription service for INR 20,000 (before taxes) per employee annually. Through the Team Plan site, you can easily finish the sign-up procedure by using a credit card. Team Plan gives companies the freedom to change subscriptions as needed to better meet their evolving demands as they expand. Businesses can upgrade to the Udemy Business Enterprise Plan, which includes Hindi-language courses, if they are expanding and want more than 20 licenses.

“We’re proud that more than 13.5 million people in India learn through Udemy,” said Greg Brown, President and CEO at Udemy. “As we transition to a skills-based economy, organisations that prioritise ongoing learning are better equipped to adapt to the latest technologies like generative AI, enhance productivity, drive transformational change and deliver critical business outcomes.”

Description Udemy: 

Udemy is a learning platform that empowers individuals and organizations via adaptable and efficient skill development. With thousands of current courses available in numerous languages, the Udemy marketplace platform provides the resources educators, students, and businesses need to realize their full potential. On the Udemy platform, millions of individuals take courses from real-world experts in subjects like data science and programming to teamwork and leadership.

Employers may provide cohort learning for executives, immersive learning for IT teams, and on-demand learning for all employees with the help of Udemy Business. Customers of Udemy Business include Volkswagen, Glassdoor, On24, Fender⑇, and The World Bank.

With hubs in Ankara and Istanbul, Turkey; Austin, Texas; Denver, Colorado; Dublin, Ireland; Melbourne, Australia; and New Delhi, India, Udemy is based in San Francisco.


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