UB40 start member Astro dies following short health problem

UB40 start member Astro dies following short health problem

London (CNN) – British player and start member of UB40 playwright Wilson, higher illustrious by his nom de guerre Astro, has died once a brief health problem, his current band confirmed.

“We area unit fully ruined and utterly sorrowful to possess to inform you that our beloved Astro has these days died once a really short health problem,” an announcement on Ali Joseph Campbell and Astro’s Twitter account aforementioned on weekday. “The world can ne’er be a similar while not him.”

Wilson was a part of British popular music genre band UB40 for quite thirty years, before feat the band to affix breakaway cluster UB40 that includes Ali Joseph Campbell and Astro in 2013.

UB40 fashioned in Birmingham within the late Seventies, and over consecutive 3 decades found success with hits as well as “Red Red Wine” and “(I cannot Help) Falling crazy.”

The band forbidden social and political problems head-on in their songs, giving voice to social class discontent with the established order of the time.

“I went through a similar rigmarole as most black folks within the late 70s,” Astro told The Guardian in might, basic cognitive process the “sus law” that allowed the “weekly occurence” of police impressive folks that were deemed to be acting suspiciously — usually on racist pretexts.

“We found it tougher to put in writing love songs than militant lyrics, as a result of it had been plenty easier to put in writing concerning stuff you had witnessed or examine. It appeared natural to United States,” he said.

The current iteration of UB40 conjointly paid tribute to the musician, writing on Saturday: “We have detected tonight, the unhappy news that ex-member of UB40, playwright Wilson, higher referred to as Astro, has died once a brief health problem. Our sincere condolences to his family.”

Another of the band’s start members, Brian Travers, died of cancer in August at the age of sixty two.

Sneha Mali

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