Two More Audi E-Tron Battery Recalls

Two More Audi E-Tron Battery Recalls

The Audi e-tron is another electric car that has been recalled because of possible battery problems. This is especially relevant to the batteries of the e-tron GT and RS e-tron GT, which have the potential to short circuit and catch fire. 1,042 automobiles are affected by the combined effects of two recalls.

After a problem with the identical battery modules in the Porsche Taycan, which has a comparable arrangement, Audi launched an investigation into the e-tron batteries. Audi was able to identify the impacted vehicles thanks to that research, which also revealed the necessity for two distinct recalls, each requiring a different solution.

Two Different Recalls

There is presently no fix for the 1,013 automobiles involved in the initial recall. The cars can still be driven, but charging should be done carefully. Only 80 percent of the battery should be charged, keeping the voltage below the point when a fire is most likely to occur. Dealers will inspect those cars to see if the battery modules need to be changed once Audi has a solution. Owners of these vehicles will get letters informing them of the recall as well as an update when a fix is ready.

There are only 29 cars from the 2022 and 2023 model years included in the second recall, which is far smaller. Although the recall is essentially the same, Audi is unable to pinpoint which particular cars are affected. This implies that the issue is probably present in all 29 cars. Even though 1,103 vehicles are part of the bigger recall, only 1% are anticipated to have a problem.

Similar to the earlier recall, owners are recommended to limit charging to 80 percent in order to lessen, but not completely eliminate, the risk of a fire. This group will also receive mail notifications on the recall.

Among the manufacturers that have dealt with battery problems recently is Audi. It’s not a new concern; difficulties with battery fires were reported for the Chevy Bolt EV as early as 2021 and the Ford F-150 as recently as last year.

Sanchita Patil

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