Turning dreams into reality- Jawahar Sehgal

Turning dreams into reality- Jawahar Sehgal

Dreams don’t work unless or until you have a strong will to conquer them. Just aspiring something is not enough at all. You need to have a more sorted way towards the goal .

The way that we are talking about is the combination of hard work and smart work. This is because just a fast and furious technique don’t work for the accomplishment of a work. A more sorted thinking is required.
The young lad we are talking about here is jawahar sehgal who led his path of success by himself. Without any kind of external support he was able to maintain this much of success in his life . Moreover he is now 18 and have an extremely successful film production company.

From a very young age jawahar wanted to make his own money . He had a sharp intrest for photography and he continued to pursue that . Being a professional photographer he started and slowly his intrest shifted towards filmmaking.

At such a young age of 15 jawahar made his first documentary and turned his life into a more better way. One of the youngest filmmaker in India he has made a full feature film at the age of 17 for which he holds a record.
Right now he is working on his dream project that is a crime based web series which is named as kagaaz.

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