Tony Leung’s meeting on the set of Shang-chi Kevin Feige speechless on the left

Tony Leung’s meeting on the set of Shang-chi Kevin Feige speechless on the left

Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios, says he was surprised to meet Shang-chi and Venu actor Tony Leung of The Legend of the Ten Rings.

Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios, says the meeting between Shang-chi and The Legend of the Ten Rings surprised him by Tony Leung. Marvel Cinematic Universe’s first Asian-led superhero film, Destin Daniel Cretan’s Shang-chi, has finally hit theaters. The film follows Simu Liula as the renowned master of Marvel’s Kung Fu who is forced to confront his father, Wenwu, and the Ten Rings criminal organization. The cast of the film includes Liu, Aquafina, Michelle Yeoh, Benedict Wong, Fala Chen, Menger Zhang and Leung.

Now in its fourth phase, MCU has the potential to bring high-level talent into its ranks. Along with Shang-chi, the studio brought in an updated version of the real Mandarin to play Venu, the world’s most recognizable star, Hong Kong veteran Leung. In comics, Mandarin and Shang-chi’s father, Fu Manchu, both follow racist norms. Therefore, Crayon and co-author David Callham created Venue, which not only rejects any notion of being a cartoonist, but is already being hailed as one of MCU’s best villains.

In a recent interview with Film Companion, Fig said how lucky MCU is that Leung chose Shang-Chi as a part of it. Fitz recalled being “almost stunned” when he met the actor. Read below what he meant:

“Tony Leung feels like a whole different layer of movie star,” Feige said, “he’s a very talented guy. I don’t think he was a masterstroke for us, I think we’re lucky he chose us in [Shang-chi]. Give yourself and all of his talent to create his first Hollywood movie scene and this amazing, amazing character from Venue.He was amazed when I met him briefly on set.

Tony Leung and The Legend of the Ten Rings from Shang-chi
Despite playing a “villain” in Shang-chi, Leung said he never considered his character as a villain and instead focused on Wenwu’s background and motives. In the film, Wenwu is inspired by love for his family and heritage, even if it results in disaster. The actor is also open about avoiding stories about failed fathers because of how they got so close to home. Until Shang-chi comes along. Although aspects of the character were established before Leung’s participation, he worked with Marvel and Cretan to create his character and make it as attractive as possible. And, it is clear that everyone is more concerned with Shang-chi than enjoying working with him.

During the “Ask Me Anything” session on R / MarvelStudios, Liu was asked how to work with Leung. Liu described the experience as “a master class in acting” and called Leung “everything as legendary.” In addition to doing his own stunts, Liu even made a committed performance in a personal film. Shang-chi and The Legend of the Ten Rings are currently receiving universal acclaim for their action sequences, Hart and of course Leung’s villain.

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