Tokenpuss: The NFT Project Making A Massive Difference To The Real World

Tokenpuss: The NFT Project Making A Massive Difference To The Real World

‘NFTs are a bubble’ some believe and others see massive value in them. To many, NFTs are undermined by those who don’t see the real potential in the concept. Those who grasp the idea see the real scope of these blockchain-based digital assets. There are many great NFTs in the market already offering huge profits and serving many other charity purposes. One such great project that comes to save wildlife is Tokenpuss. The project not only promises exponential gains but serves the sacred purpose of saving wildlife by sharing 10% of total profits.

Tokenpuss is a highly anticipated collection of platypus avatars in the metaverse that are fighting for their existence in the real world. The platypus is a wild Australian species that is nearing extinction. Tokenpuss is a collection of 10,000 digital platypus living in ETH world, somewhere in the metaverse.

Tokenpuss has got many endorsements from various celebs already for their incredible roadmap. Their support will bring value as well as recognition to this project. Tokenpuss is generating a wave of recognition that can not be stopped. It has been granted a major billboard in New York, Times Square, displaying a sample of their 10,000 unique NFT collection. This has been mentioned to be the “The Next Holy Grail of NFTs”.

Tokenpuss is on a mission to save the wildlife and do something that seems more practical than promises, through blockchain and metaverse. Tokenpuss will be sharing 10% of the total earnings to save these extremely cute platypi from extinction and fight for the preservation of the wildlife. Tokenpuss minting and public sale will be live on December 12, 2021, at 06:00 PM UTC. The clock is ticking. Join by visiting their website

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