“Today, not only do I help others Thrive – I am positively Thriving myself!”

“Today, not only do I help others Thrive – I am positively Thriving myself!”

British born Amanda was raised in an intensely volatile home. At just 16 years old, she found the strength to escape her home life, moved into social housing, found a job, and fell in love with a local boy who she later married.

After 22 years the marriage ended, and Amanda was forced to find ways to supplement her income. Working evenings and weekends as a Virtual Assistant, such was her success she was able to give up her daytime employment and freelance full-time just three months later.

Today, less than three years later, Amanda runs an award-winning global business support agency, supported by a worldwide team, offering Virtual Assistance, web development, automation, course creation and much more.

Amanda credits her success to surrounding herself with supportive, like-minded people, something she has consciously practiced after taking to heart the words of motivational speaker, Jim Rohm, who said “You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with”.

Amanda says “Not only did this spur me on to surround myself with people I thrive alongside, it pushed me to be that someone for others too”

As the founder of Thrive OBM, Thrive VA, and an Academy in the works, Amanda has no plans to stop.

“My team and I work discreetly behind the scenes supporting trailblazing big-name world-changers who are touching countless lives globally; we are humbled to be a small part of that. If there was one utterly impossible thing I could make possible, I would go back to the little girl me hiding in her room, with her tear stained, bruised and stinging body and tell her… beyond these walls, just a few years beyond where you are now, you are happy, you are safe, and you are making a positive difference in the world”

Derek Robins

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