The Windows 10 settings application is truly pushing Microsoft Edge

The Windows 10 settings application is truly pushing Microsoft Edge

Do you use Edge as your default browser? Why not? You should switch back this moment. That is the message you’ll before long observe each time you open Windows 10’s Settings application, courtesy of Microsoft.

This change is essential for Windows 10’s up and coming 21H1 update, which will show up at some point in Spring 2021.

Microsoft says it’s “exploring” including this for Windows, so there’s no assurance it will make it to the last steady version. However, numerous Windows Insiders utilizing assemble 20197 are as of now observing it.

In its underlying state, an “Web browsing” symbol presently shows up close to the OneDrive and Windows Update symbols in the header in the Settings application. In the event that you aren’t utilizing Microsoft Edge as your default program, it will provoke you to “Restore recommended” browser settings.

On the off chance that you click the symbol, the Settings application will prompt you to set the new Edge as your default program and pin it to your desktop and taskbar.

It is extremely unlikely to excuse the suggestion on the off chance that you incline toward Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or another browser.

Showing up close to the Windows Update symbol, this symbol is somewhat misleading—utilizing Edge as your default program is an preference, however introducing Windows Updates is fundamental for security.

This is only the most recent way Microsoft is pushing Edge. Microsoft has recently pushed the Edge browser through taskbar pop-up ads, for instance.

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