The Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle

The Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle

Three vertices, three sides. The triangle was one of the first shapes we were introduced to as children. It’s quite a common shape. We see it being used in traffic signs, boats, or as symbols.

But now, when we think of the word triangle, the only image that pops up is of the “Bermuda Triangle.”

It is a word that we know a lot about and nothing at all. Perplexing and paradoxical, researchers have tried to decipher whether it is a phenomenon or a hoax gone too far.

Let’s dive deep into the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle.

Shaping Meaning

First, what is all the fuss even about?

Let’s catch you a ride on a plane 80 years ago. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Accompanying you are five Navy planes from their base in Florida doing a routine training mission.

It’s a sunny day; Flight 19 is your place of stay!

…when suddenly, the pleasant blues condensed into gaping darkness, a storm approached. Within the blink of an eye, Flight 19 was a piece of history, leaving no part behind. No wreckage or debris.

And just like that, one of the craziest, most thought-provoking mysteries was born.


But fundamentally, what even is the Bermuda Triangle?

Miami, Puerto Rico, and, surprise, surprise, Bermuda are at each end of the triangular shape. No one is keeping count, but throughout the last century, humanity has lost many fleets, ships, and planes without a trace.

Even Christopher Columbus couldn’t help but point out the geographical anomaly. In his log, we can read his intrigue regarding a bizarre compass bearing the same area. It wasn’t until Vincent Gaddis came up with a befitting term in August 1964 that the “Bermuda Triangle” was officially a thing.

Ah, Here We Go

So, now for the part that makes you rub your palms together. Take off your tin foil hats because it’s theory time.

So, what really is within the triangle? Countless stories have been put forth, ranging from extraterrestrials to giant squids.

However, the most popular and thought-provoking suggests that Flight 19, among many other fleets, is entirely in another plain of existence.

A pilot named Bruce Gernon wasn’t a believer until it happened to him. He reports fog surrounding his craft made him leap 100 miles ahead. He has also documented his experience in vivid detail.

Three Sides, Without a Point?

But let’s be honest: humans love finding fascination in everything. It’s why we are plowing trillions of dollars just to find the beginning of time, journeying through space to a destination we may never reach.

That being said, the Bermuda Triangle disappearances may as well just be caused by human errors.

But not to burst your bubble.

For all the conspiracy theorists out there, you may have your fill as author Stephen Jensen’s protagonist, Micheal Hall, also dubbed the modern-day Da Vinci, explores the Bermuda Triangle in the book Avalon: TimeFall.

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Derek Robins

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