The Life & Near Death of Stevie Soprano

The Life & Near Death of Stevie Soprano

Stephen Yanni, known professionally as Stevie Soprano, is a rap artist who almost paid the ultimate price simply from doing what he loves most. Hip hop has always been a passion for Stevie Soprano ever since he was a young child. Soprano looked at popular 90s rap artists like Nas and the members of Wu-Tang Clan as heroes. He was inspired to tread a similar path as these artists by telling his own life story in the music he creates. Although he was raised in a lower-income household of the south New Jersey area, Stevie Soprano has spent the past 4 years living in Boca Raton, Florida. Ultimately, the Floridian lifestyle almost cost Soprano his life.

In late June 2020, Stevie Soprano planned to shoot a music video for one of his songs in Miami. He went to the bank to withdraw $2000, which he would then use as a prop for his video. Soprano had driven from the bank to his apartment building without noticing that he was being followed. Evidently, Soprano was preparing himself for the music video by listening to his song instrumental in his vehicle. When Soprano arrived at the apartment building, he was immediately attacked upon exiting his vehicle. A group of 3 armed men robbed Soprano of the $2000, stole his car, pistol-whipped him, and shot him twice. Fortunately, Soprano’s neighbor witnessed the altercation and was able to give enough information to authorities to catch the thieves.

Stevie Soprano now suffers from post-traumatic stress after the attack in Miami. He cannot avoid enduring a level of paranoia every time he exits his vehicle now; however, Soprano’s experience taught him never to be careless in certain situations. He operates much more defensively these days, but he remains a positive person with his mind set on mastering his musical craft.

Derek Robins

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