The LeBron James Foundation has announced plans for a multimillion-dollar Acron Medical Facility

The LeBron James Foundation has announced plans for a multimillion-dollar Acron Medical Facility

LeBron James says it takes a village to raise a small child and make a real difference.

And Tuesday’s announcement of the new Eye Promise Health Quarters further confirms his view that a holistic approach is needed to make a difference, not just in the child’s life but in the student’s entire family.

The new Eye Promise HealthQuarters will be the latest addition to the growing pool of resources offered by James’ Namesek Foundation, and will be located just across the street from House Three Thirty, which is currently under construction.

Like the old Tangier, the property and building belonged to the George family who run the Bell Music Company – which provides arcade-type entertainment to businesses – including offices and large warehouse space for decades.

Once the renovation is complete, West Market Street Health Quarters will offer full medical, dental, optometry and mental health services and counseling not only to i-Promise students but also to their families at the school that runs the general program and foundation. The road.

There will also be space for outdoor and recreational facilities.

This will complement I Promise Housing, which is under construction, which will offer affordable housing options for partner families.

Michelle Campbell, executive director of the LeBron James Family Foundation, said overcoming the barriers and obstacles to success and improving access to health care is a key factor for the 1,600 students and families they serve.

And like House Three Thirty – which will have restaurants and even the LeBron James Museum and provide employment and job-training opportunities – HealthQuarters and its partners will not only help I Promise families but serve the community as a whole.

“It’s a way to open our doors to other people,” she said.

Work will soon begin on a multibillion-dollar construction project to convert the existing Bell Music Company building into a full-fledged medical facility.

The Foundation, along with AxessPointe Community Health Partners, offers medical, dental and optometry care as well as on-site lab services and even low-cost pharmacy.

Mark Freeson, executive director of AxessPointe, said the summit and Portage counties all came together to make this possible at a time when things seemed to be falling short for the nonprofit sector, which caters to the medical needs of low-service areas.

AxessPointe ran its fourth full clinic on South Broadway in Akron, which had to close about a year ago when its partner Cleveland Clinic chose to switch services offered on site. Freeson said he was looking for another place in Acron to open when he joined hands with the foundation.

“The blue sky is on the other side of the darkest clouds,” he said.

The combination of grant funds and charitable donations will help move the अधिक 3 million project forward.

Frison said many people, from the foundation to the city, have been working for months to make the project possible.

The specialty of this particular clinic is that it will provide many services under one roof.

For many, he said, lack of access to health care – especially when it comes to transportation, scheduling and even billing – creates barriers to preventive and critical care.

And it should be in the middle of a neighborhood where it can serve as many residents as possible, both young and old.

“The greatest asset to a community is good health,” he said. “The (LeBron James Family) Foundation understands this for the community.”

A key component to this particular project, Freeson said, also includes mental health services. Often one’s physical health is affected by one’s mental health or vice versa.

“It’s really a project of transformation for this part of the city,” he said.

Sneha Mali

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