The iPhone 14 Pro will never really be a Pro if the latest leaks are true

The iPhone 14 Pro will never really be a Pro if the latest leaks are true

The upcoming iPhone 14 line is almost certainly going to be a powerful step forward – and the iPhone 14 Pro will be the flagship device in the lineup.

The Pro will come with powerful cameras, fast, modern processors and the best screen technology – where the iPhone 14 ‘base’ model will come with an older CPU and possibly less-capable cameras to save money where users don’t need everything. High class feature.

However, the latest rumor has put me off: According to iDropNews’ anonymous sources, the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max will have the same upgraded Lightning port that debuted on the original iPad Pro, which used USB 3.0 tech to deliver remotely. Faster than older USB 2.0 ports that iPhones still use.

While this is a major upgrade – it can achieve 10 times faster data transfer – the world is still far from the speed at which the current iPad Pro and iPad Air tablets can offer USB-C ports.

Apple has been sticking with the Lightning port since its launch in 2012 – while EU rules say it will eventually have to start using the USB-C port in its iPhones, there is no set date for when that will happen and Apple will probably resist. As long as it is possible.

Why? This is because it does a lot in licensing its technology to allow manufacturers to make lightning-friendly accessories. It has created an ecosystem of consistency that no brand would be reluctant to shed. So, with that in mind, the iPad Pro seems unlikely to have an iPhone with the same USB-C connector.

Pro-fund problem
However, that reluctance (if true, and that’s a big deal when we’re working with ‘anonymous sources’) will give me a real problem if it’s done.

It is likely to see the iPhone launched on different chipsets this year (also, you can point to the iPhone 5C, which came with the iPhone 5S, but it was a very different phone) Trying to.

That’s fine – and honestly, it makes a lot of sense. The iPhone Pro line has been very close to the performance and uniqueness of the base models for many years, with only the camera and more RAM providing the main difference.

Making the high-end, expensive phone more powerful and creative and desirable for those who need more grunts in their device, especially if it provides the iPhone 14 with unmatched capabilities, the Pro will make upgrades much easier for people like filmmakers. All power and camera prowess will be required to complete their tasks more easily.

So if the rumors are true and Apple survives on the Paul Lightning port, then the real trick is missing. For those who need it for their jobs, the USB-C connection will speed up, and for those who just want a better phone – that is, it will not be an attraction for those who keep buying lightning accessories.

Those who need a USB-C Sporting iPhone 14 Pro – like the aforementioned Creative – will also have the right equipment to get the most out of the upgraded speed, where many others will not really benefit from the high speed.

I tested the new iPad Air 2022 with USB-C versus the iPhone 13 Pro Max (with the old Lightning connector).

The previous 320MB file managed to transfer to 8.25MB / s, whereas the latter reached 10.5MB / s, both connected to the USB-C port on my laptop.

It’s not a big difference (although many minutes will be saved for a 20 minute 4K file) but better equipment – with high-end Macs and better connections, as creatives often invest – will see more disparity in reading speed.

Another reason why Apple should use iPad Pro and bring USB-C connector to iPhone 14 Pro.

Of course, this will not happen, mainly for the reasons listed above. And this is really embarrassing, because the iPhone 14 Pro with USB-C would have been a real leap and would have been a really attractive phone for professionals.

Needless to say, this will make life easier for many. USB-C is becoming a common standard worldwide (including the iPad, which many iPhone owners will have) and losing the Lightning cable will add another headache for users.

Sneha Mali

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