The Greatest Diets for General Health in 2024 Are These

The Greatest Diets for General Health in 2024 Are These

The American Society for Nutrition reports that weight loss is the most common New Year’s resolve, with many people viewing January 1 as a “empowering and motivating moment” to enhance their well-being.

If you want to lose weight like a lot of other individuals, you might be thinking which diet is the best to try.

Every year, a group of nutritionists and medical professionals are assembled by U.S. News & World Report to assess the most well-liked diets and determine which have the strongest scientific support.

Each plan was evaluated by their experts to ascertain its safety, nutritional value, sustainability, and efficacy in aiding in weight loss.

Additionally, they examined the potential benefits of each diet for specific goals like bone health.

Below is a summary of some of the panelists’ findings.

The best diets have proven health benefits

The Mediterranean diet, DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) diet, and MIND (Mediterranean-DASH Intervention for Neurodegenerative Delay) diet were ranked as the top three diets by the U.S. News & World Report panel.

The scores for these diets were, in order, 85.1%, 75.4%, and 60.7%.

Barbara Kovalenko, RDN, is a nutrition expert at and believes that the Mediterranean diet’s focus on heart-healthy fats like olive oil and omega-3 fatty acids from fish is what makes it beneficial for cardiovascular health.

Kovalenko continued, “The goal of the DASH diet is to support healthy blood pressure levels.” It promotes consuming less sodium, which is good for cardiovascular health as well.

Lastly, a combination of the DASH and Mediterranean diets is the MIND Diet. According to Kovalenko, it is intended to promote brain health and may lower the chance of cognitive decline as we age.

“These diets can have a number of health benefits, including better heart health, decreased inflammation, and enhanced brain function,” Kovalenko said. “Whole, unprocessed foods that nourish the body are prioritized by them.”

The volumetric diet (41.4%), the flexitarian diet (53.6%), the Mayo Clinic diet (55.3%), Dr. Weill’s anti-inflammatory diet (41.1%), WeightWatchers (46.1%), and the TLC (Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes) diet (39.9%) were among the other highly ranked diets.

Being fast isn’t equivalent to being the best

The rankings did reveal one thing: quick weight reduction is not always associated with the greatest weight loss strategies, according to medical experts.

The Atkin’s diet (57), the HMR (Health Management Resources) diet (52) and the keto diet (100) were some of the diets that were ranked highest for quick weight loss.

These designs received a pitiful -46.1%, -46.2%, and -33.1% total ranking, respectively.

Both the Atkin’s diet and the keto diet are high-fat, low-carb plans that have generated some controversy.

Their high content of saturated fat can increase harmful cholesterol. Due to their elimination of most carbohydrates, these diets may also be restrictive. This may result in deficiencies of essential nutrients, such as iron, magnesium, calcium, selenium, thiamin, and folate Trusted Source.

But they are still well-liked since cutting back on carbohydrates puts people into a fat-burning condition known as “ketosis,” which aids in stifling hunger and reducing food intake for rapid weight reduction.Trusted Source.

A planned meal replacement plan is the HMR diet. In the first phase of the diet, participants eat two dinners, three meal replacement shakes, and five cups of fruits and vegetables daily.

The U.S. News & World Report panel listed its limited dining alternatives and potential for boredom as some of the concerns.

How people can best start a new diet

Making small, doable lifestyle adjustments is the key to launching a new diet in a sustainable manner, according to Health Insiders contributor Emily Norman, RDN, LDN.

“Include more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and healthy fats in your meals instead of imposing severe restrictions,” she suggested.

Norman continued, “You can start by setting realistic goals, like adding a serving of leafy greens to your meal or swapping out high-saturated-fat and added-sugar snacks with berries, nuts, or a piece of whole fruit.”

According to Norman, “the key is to make small adjustments that align with the principles of the chosen diet.”

Norman suggests that you also keep an eye on portion sizes, create a support network, and make allowance for occasional indulgences.

You can increase the sustainability of your new lifestyle by including all of these.

“Instead of focusing on short fixes, the focus should be on long-term health and well-being,” she said.


A panel of nutritionists and medical professionals for U.S. News & World Report listed the DASH, MIND, and Mediterranean diets as some of the finest diets backed by science.

The Atkin’s, HMR, and ketogenic diets are the ones that result in the fastest weight loss. All things considered, these designs came in relatively low.

Experts in nutrition assert that short cuts are ineffective for losing weight. It is best to start off slowly and implement minor, long-lasting adjustments.


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