The first social media magazine, ZEDIT, is poised to become a well-known luxury magazine, says Zufi Alexander, a leading fashion designer

The first social media magazine, ZEDIT, is poised to become a well-known luxury magazine, says Zufi Alexander, a leading fashion designer

When we hear the term “fashion magazines,” the first thing that typically comes to mind is a focus on the season’s newest trends and an attempt to portray them in a unique way. Another area that offers advice on how to look better and what items to use is called “beauty tips and tricks.”

Speaking of the wholesomeness of ingenuity that a preeminent fashion designer, Zufi Alexander, has brought to the industry, this is not a fashion magazine but the very first social media magazine that focuses on uplifting and motivating women in a stylish manner around the world. 

If there’s a fashion bible that every woman needs to own, it would be the latest issue of Alexander’s social media magazine. So if you’re finding it intriguing, hold on. Zufi has so much for women in the form of Zedit, infused with fashion, emotion, and mental health.

ZEDIT, the very first social media magazine and a creation by Zufi Alexander, one of the earliest entrepreneurs and a leading handbag, accessory, and shoes designer in the fashion industry, focuses on encouraging women to be themselves and to feel secure in their own skin without trying to be someone they may ultimately find unsatisfactory.

“What you wear can influence how you feel inside because how you feel determines what you wear.” – Zufi Alexander

Zufi responded to a question about what motivated her to create Zedit by saying, “Since I travel frequently and have met so many ladies from all over the world, I noticed the need to mentally and emotionally help women in loving who they are and in receiving acceptance without being condemned.”

In a nutshell, Zedit is about a fashion-related emotional health stroke. This magazine is all about letting individuals be themselves, knowing what colours would inspire them and what makes them feel wanted, needed, accepted, and loved—while still incorporating fashion into their lives.

On the same note, Zufi also mentioned that “Colour Me” is her debut series with zedit and was motivated by the significance of colour in human emotions. The “IT” colours of this summer were orange, pink, red, and green. These colours have been artistically displayed by designers in their collections. Some of the best chosen pieces with a deep twist have been presented on ZEDIT.

With emotive styling from a range of products, including bags, shoes, denim, sunglasses, lingerie, and jewellery, Zufi has lofty goals for ZEDIT to become a renowned luxury social media magazine.

Zufi Alexander has demonstrated her abilities by her prior successes. With her international reputation already established, she will surely go down in history with ZEDIT.

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