The expansion of Boise Airport parking will open this summer.

The multi-year expansion projects for Boise Airport are currently in progress.

Because of all of the development occurring in the Treasure Valley, Boise Aiport will grow a few region of its airport.

“Our community has seen explosive growth in the last few years. With that growth, there comes a demand for air service. When we have more people living in Treasure Valley, we have more people who want to fly from the Boise airport,” Boise Airport spokesperson, Shawna Samuelson said.

According to Samuelson, they received 4.5 million passengers in 2022 alone. The expansion was required as a result of this.

“That is just a continuation of a long-term trend that we’ve seen, we’ve increased our total passengers by 72% over the last ten years,” she said.

The first project set to open this mid year is new parking garages. Near the terminals, there is limited parking and an economy lot where a shuttle drops off passengers every 15 minutes. More parking will be created as a result of this project, but not just for travelers.

“We’ll be adding 1100 additional parking spots within easy walking distance to the terminal. The other parking facility that’s currently under construction is the employee parking garage, which will be parking for folks who work at the airport, and it adds 700 additional spaces,” she said.

Samuelson adds that an additional TSA screening checkpoint has been added during peak travel times, but that’s not all. Furthermore, a new rental car facility will get things started this summer that will be inside walking distance from the airport.

Likewise underway, is a project that will carry ten extra gates to Boise Airport, as well as new dining & retail options.

“That will allow us to expand our services, whether that’s just additional frequency on our current routes or new non-stops, potentially welcome additional airlines. It just opens up possibilities for us,” Samuelson said.

Samuelson says that the additional gates will begin construction in 2027, despite the fact that the new parking lot will open this summer.

Raeesa Sayyad

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