The Emerging Danny Love “THE KING” Of Indie

The Emerging Danny Love “THE KING” Of Indie

Across many artists, Danny Love is well known for being a great helping hand for many. Creating the name, “The King Of Indie” Danny strives to help them smaller artists reach their full potential as not only artists, but as people too. He states that many want to quit when they start working with them but having them go through the hard work is the biggest pay off.

Danny Love was Born and Raised in Brooklyn New York

With seventeen years of experience in the music industry Danny Love is no stranger to the game and the ties of the music industry. Equipped with tons of knowledge that comes from his residence in flashback, New York. With the success that filled Danny Love’s name he sets his eyes on even bigger goals to achieve in her future. While being a huge giver or brilliant helping hand to many. He hopes to continue to grow these skills for not only himself but for others too. He Aims to grow to be an overseeing name within the music industry and became a foo many too seek out and use for help with their own growth.

Danny started his career as a Hip Hop recording artist and saw there was a need for proper representation for Indie artists. No one was protecting the Indie artists and they were getting used to whatever they knew or not. He took advantage of the opportunity and with it and created a DLE to end this problem. Now he is CEO of DLE Records Indie. Also, an Executive Producer, Business Manager, Artist Manager and Celebrity Broker.

The company he owned is called DLE and it’s a multimedia company, record label and artist manager all in one. He sells music package Indie artists on a national level.

 Danny Love plans to use his seventeen years in the music industry to continue to boost himself and his own name as well creative diverse and personalized ways to out others artists on their way to stardom as well. He is certainly a rare one. It is not common to see someone who is helping others. Danny Love is a prime example of hard work, dedication and a focus on the goals you want to reach and achieve. 

By giving artists a chance to reach their milestone goals, Love has nothing but respect from the people he helps. From the artists who are starting out to those looking for their next burst of fame and inspiration. Danny Love is there for help. He says more than finding success in yourself. However, once you find that success, it says to help others to find it as well. He hides no secret and gives nothing but helpful methods to all those involved as he has reached the level of success that all of those clients strive to reach as well. He hopes for everyone to find their own success doing things they love- just like he did it.

You can keep up with Danny “The King Of Indie” Love on Instagram and keep Supporting him…

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