The best laptop deals you can get right now

The best laptop deals you can get right now

If you want a great laptop you have to spend a ton of money, right? No need. There are dozens of good laptops on the market at different prices. While finding the right one for your needs may seem overwhelming (some are more suitable for college students, some are ideal for gamers), that’s why we’ve brought you this list of some of the best laptop deals. Available now.

In addition to the latest deals, we will share the best features (and downsides) of each discount model to give you more clarity during your shopping trip. And if you need to do more research, you can also check out our guide to the best laptops on the market and the top cheap laptops.

Just keep in mind that Prime Day 2022 is coming up and will start on July 12th. There’s no guarantee we’ll see a stellar laptop deal on the model of your dreams, but we can. So if you wait a while to buy a laptop, you can save some money. If not, keep reading for the best deals you can get right now.

MacBook Air
Equipped with Apple’s M1 processor, the MacBook Air is the best laptop for most people, providing the perfect combination of all the features that the average laptop user needs at a reasonable price. Apple’s entry-level laptop is faster than most Windows laptops at this price point, and it handles demanding photo and video editing apps like Photoshop and Adobe Premiere, especially compared to its Intel-supported predecessors. Fortunately, all that power doesn’t even come at the cost of battery life. In fact, we found that it lasted between eight and ten hours – even when we played Tomb Rider Shadow.

In addition to offering excellent performance, the laptop also comes with a comfortable keyboard and excellent trackpad along with other nice-looking features. Just note that its 720p webcam is not particularly good, so if a high-resolution webcam is too important for you, you can purchase it separately. Also, keep in mind that, due to the limitations of the M1 chip, you can only use one external display at a time.

The base MacBook Air with M1 chip has 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD and it starts from 999, although we often find it on sale at a slightly lower price. Now, for example, you can buy a base model from B&H Photo in gray for $ 899 ($ ​​100 discount). If you live near the Micro Center, you can buy it for $ 829 instead. For additional storage, the 512GB model with eight-core GPU is also on sale in Amazon Rose Gold, dropping to 1,179.99 (almost $ 70 discount). You can buy a laptop in other colors for another $ 20 on B&H Photo.

MacBook Pro
At the moment, the MacBook Pro lineup includes new 14- and 16-inch models released in late 2021, and a 13-inch MacBook Pro that saw a repeat with the M2 processor in mid-2022. However, with their recent release, we won’t see any significant discounts anytime soon.

There is a deal on its predecessor, the 2020 13-inch MacBook Pro, which is similar to the MacBook Air and shares the same M1 processor, but with a touch bar. Unlike the fan-less MacBook Air, it is able to run longer on high performance due to its fan. Now, when you choose a model equipped with 8GB RAM and 256GB storage, you can buy the 13-inch MacBook Pro at Best Buy for 1,099 ($ ​​200 discount).

E 1,100 on BEST BUY
On the other hand, the new 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pros are equipped with faster M1 Pro processors and if you want to spend more money for faster performance, you can go for the M1 Max CPU. No matter what you get, these laptops boast incredible performance with some of the longest lasting batteries we’ve ever tested. Right now, the best-equipped model with 16GB of RAM and 512GB of storage is the बाय 200 discount, instead being sold for $ 1,799. You can save $ 200 when you buy a 14-inch model with 16GB RAM and 1TB SSD from Amazon for $ 2,299. If you prefer a 16-inch, you can get it for 16GB RAM and 512GB SSD at the same price from Amazon and Best Buy ($ 200 discount).

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