‘The Batman’ is expected to hit HBO Max in late April

‘The Batman’ is expected to hit HBO Max in late April

A technical glitch on the HBO website accidentally revealed the premiere dates for HBO Max and Pay Cable Network’s studio’s current blockbuster hit, The Batman, which is set to gross half a billion dollars worldwide this weekend.

The list you can see below has been scrubbed ever since, but we hear the dates Tuesday, April 19 on HBO Max and Saturday, April 23 on HBO Linear. By the way, it all makes sense: WarnerMedia CEO Jason Killer has consistently stated that for 2022 and until further notice, all Warner Bros. theaters will hit the HBO Max 45 days after their theatrical release.

In the case of The Batman, it has been 46 days since it was released in the US-Canada theaters on March 4.

Last year, Warner Bros. implemented a controversial day-date plan for its theatrical films on HBO Max; This is a means of increasing the customer base for its FROSH OTT service, as well as preventing the event title from going off during an epidemic. Batman returns to the Warner Bros. theater window, and it’s a success.

Stateside, The Batman had a fantastic grip on its second weekend with $ 66.5 million with -50% (-41% if you back out पूर्वा 21.6M of previews from the first weekend’s $ 134M). They were ahead of the second weekend’s Hold Disney Marvel movie, which averaged -63% in their second weekend, and against Batman. Previous DC movies like Superman (-69%) and Dark were ahead of the second weekend decline. Knight Rises (-61%), Justice League (-56%) and The Dark Knight (-53%).

As of Tuesday, Batman counts स्टेट 252.5M. According to industry estimates, Batman’s final domestic number is $ 400M. The film, starring Sandra Bullock, Channing Tatum, Daniel Radcliffe and Brad Pitt in Paramount’s The Lost City, will not be released in the studio until March 25.

Deadline reported last week that HBO Max had given the spin-off series The Penguin a straight-to-series order, which would see Colin Farrell recapture his villainous role from one of Gotham’s legendary kingpins.

Batman director Matt Reeves told Deadline’s Hero Nation podcast that the penguin comes from where the movie was released in terms of villains. He said the original Batman spinoff series he had centered around a corrupt cop caught up in earlier events of the film is no longer moving on to HBO Max. Penguin is produced by Reeves, Dylan Clark, Farrell and Lauren Lefrank, who writes and works as shorner.

Upon arrival, HBO Max did not comment on The Batman HBO dates or errors on the website.

Sneha Mali

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