The $100 Million Royal Crown That Inspired The New Royal Essence Fragrance Collection by Benigna Parfums

The $100 Million Royal Crown That Inspired The New Royal Essence Fragrance Collection by Benigna Parfums

In fragrance production, the match between people and the fragrance they wear is very important because it reflects and says a lot about a person. Emerging from a belief that every individual has royal qualities within them and inspired by the history of royal families, Benigna Parfums has launched their latest fragrance collection ‘The Royal Essence Collection’ – fittingly finished with a royal crown cap.

The new Royal Essence Collection is composed of seven fragrances, each individually composed and inspired by individual royal kingdoms or families from across the globe, including United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Japan, Qatar, Morocco, and Britain. With different scents from each other, each fragrance satisfies and impresses people around the world by offering those who use them a special sensory experience.

Benigna Parfums brings to light the historical pieces of the Imperial Crown and its spiritual significance. Dating back to the fifteenth century when English monarchs chose a crown design closed by arches to demonstrate that England was not subject to any other earthly power, the idea of the imperial crown was born. The Imperial State Crown was originally made for King George VI in 1937 off a pattern from a crown made in 1838 for Queen Victoria’s coronation and later used for the coronation of Edward VII. Taking inspiration from this very crown, Benigna Parfums recreated the imperial state crown for its Royal Essence perfumes Collection. Incorporated into the design are the ‘Black Prince’s Ruby’ and the ‘Stuart Sapphire’. The bound that the bottle design makes with the monarchs who ruled the British Empire shows that the fragrances in the new collection offer the simplicity combined with the confidence, power, extravagance and greatness found in those who have ruled the British Empire throughout the ages. Given the beauty of this bottle and the time Benigna Parfums has dedicated to its creation we are sure you will be surprised by the uniqueness of the seven scents you will find in the new collection, making you the center of attention at the most special events you will attend. Guaranteeing a lot of questions from those around you about the origin of the fragrance, we share further details about some of the fragrances in particular.

On each bottle we find written the name of the fragrance, each name suggestive, representing a strong message with a special meaning. Starting with ‘Greatness’ which needs no introduction because the name itself reflects the sensory experience that those around you will feel, and continuing with ‘Extravagant’ which shows that the fragrance is dedicated to people who have a lifestyle defined as being lavish. Another fragrance in the new collection is titled ‘Ancient Wisdom’ which refers to the ancient wisdom that members of royal families have passed down from generation to generation gathering together an experience stretching over hundreds of years that was the foundation on which the British Empire was built. The names in the collection continue with names such as ’Worthiness’ which shows that only the names of those who are worthy will remain written on the pages of history books such as that of the English monarchs. All the names of the perfumes in the collection represent qualities or descriptions of the aforementioned historic leaders, which are passed on to those who use the perfumes.

Starting from April 21, The Royal Essence Collection is now available for pre-order exclusively via

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