Tesla Upgrades Phone Key Performance on iPhone with UWB Connectivity

Tesla Upgrades Phone Key Performance on iPhone with UWB Connectivity

For better Phone Key performance, Tesla now supports the iPhone’s Ultra Wideband chip—at least on certain models. With the iPhone 11, Apple began to include the Ultra Wideband processor, which enables improved close-quarters communication between an iPhone and other UWB-enabled devices.

Support for Tesla UWB keys on iPhone

According to the release notes for Tesla update 2024.2.3, which was initially discovered by Not a Tesla App, Phone Key can now utilize UWB technology. According to the firm, you can switch your Phone Key from Bluetooth to UWB via the Tesla app.

For Phone Key, ultrawide band (UWB) technology is now available. In order for your car and phone key to interact more precisely and lock, unlock, and open automatic doors more quickly.

Select Phone Key > Upgrade from the Tesla app, then adhere to the on-screen directions. Keep the Tesla Nearby Interactions setting enabled on your iPhone after setup. need Tesla app 4.29.5+ and iPhone 11+.

However, if your iPhone 11 or later has UWB, you will still want a Tesla that has the same Ultra Wideband technology. According to Tesla, the capability is currently compatible with the Cybertruck, the most recent Model 3 and Model X vehicles from 2023.

“All refreshed Model S and Model X vehicles include the new UWB frequencies in the certificate of conformity,” notes Not a Tesla App. But as of right moment, such automobiles aren’t able to use the updated Phone Key feature.

Both the current generation Model Y and the prior version Model 3 lack UWB connection. Despite the fact that some Android phones contain UWB technology, this capability is presently exclusive to iPhone customers.

This is a good function that Tesla has included. It’s always encouraging to see the carmaker implement a change that makes using an iPhone better. even if CarPlay isn’t supported.

It would be fantastic if Tesla supported Apple Wallet’s auto key feature, which is another benefit that Apple offers. Unfortunately, this doesn’t appear to be in the cards for the time being, even with the added capability for UWB connectivity.

Sanchita Patil

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